Project Runway Season 14

Am I the only one still watching PR?

Nothing much to say yet, but I finally figured out last night who Blake reminded me of: Joslyn Fox from Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Season 6. (Google him out of drag to see why. I’m pretty sure, but definitely not positive, that it’s not the same person.)

Bummer that David went home, he’s way more talented than Amanda.

Bummer, yes, but a contestant would have to be an utter fool not to have watched at least one or two of the previous seasons to know what the unconventional material challenge is about. As he now knows, it’s not gluing letters to muslin.

I so want to stuff Blake through the nearest serger.

I’m watching, always do

I missed the ending last night, so David went home.
He did a nice job but he should have known better.

Didn’t see who won.

Edmond won for his wedding dress. I liked it, but I actually preferred Swapnil’s design. Of course my motto is “I will buy anything if you put flowers on it.” I did think it was clever that Nina drew the association between Hallmark cards and special occasions like weddings. I don’t think any of the contestants went there - I’m not even sure Edmond did.

Has there been any explanation of where Edmund got all the extra paper for his skirt? That wasn’t pieced together out of cards or envelopes.

I thought Swapnil would win but I really liked the wedding dress.

Me, too. I admire Swapnil for his perfect, composed response to Blake’s assholery.

I wonder if it was wrapping paper? There is a photo on the PR website that shows the designers picking out cards, and wrapping paper is in the background.

Let’s see if this URL will work: card shop photo

Link didn’t work for me.

But yeah, wrapping paper would make sense – though you have to wonder why no one else used it.

I read elsewhere that he used the shopping bags…and I think that is what he was trying to keep mum about because most of them did okay on the bodice but then struggled with the skirt and he was the only one who wasn’t restricted to piecing small pieces together.

Edmond and Swapnil were my two favorites. For the bottom it should have been between the chatty Haitian lady and the overbearing guy who made the awful wide pink skirt.

Makes sense – but if whatever he did wasn’t against the rules, which presumably it wasn’t, why didn’t they explain it?

After last season I swore I was done, but got sucked in. I’d like to punch Blake, but everyone else seems fine. Can’t wait to see the meltdowns over the avant grade and gown challenges. Cuz those have never been done… TLo is podcasting the eps which is fun.

it was a good think the one chick had immunity, that was majorly fugly.

Spent a fair amount of the show trying to decide if I was being racist/sexist/xenophobic to loathe Hanmiao as much as I did. On the one hand, the most outrageously passive-aggressive bullshit I’ve ever seen – on the other hand, I’m sure there were some significant cultural differences involved. Plus she’s being asked to “think aloud” in a language that isn’t the one she’s thinking silently in.

How far do the producers go to make sure that foreign-born designers speak English fluently enough to keep up? And wherever that bar is currently, and presuming she passed it, is that bar high enough?

Because that wasn’t an interesting look at cross-cultural whatever, that was super painful.

It was painful to watch. Edmond seems like a decent guy and cruise wear is so out of her wheelhouse. Their fabrics were ugly–that horrible yellow. I’m not going to rewatch it but I believe the yellow was her choice at first. Later on there was some rolls of pink and orange being brought over which would have been a million times better…

She’d never made a bathing suit and they didn’t have knit fabric. They should’ve completely abandoned that look. Running off to the bathroom to sew the model into her crappy suit? Using Edmond’s suit probably would’ve kept her from being sent home even if it meant she didn’t contribute anything to the look.

Too bad because I think her designs are more interesting that some of the other contestants.

If someone repeatedly told me to shut up, I stab her in the forehead with my shears. I don’t care what her culture is, she knows that what she said was rude. She should have been auf-ed just for that. I’m glad she’s gone. I don’t know what to think of the rest of the garments. I’ve given up on this being a design show. It is a pure reality show that has nothing to do with the talent of the deisgners. It’s all about drama and foolishness and yet I still watch it.

And was the inspiration supposed to be St. Petersburg Russia or Florida? I assumed Russia. It should have been double eliminiation–Hanmaio and Joseph and that schamtta that someone (Zac?) described as “grandmother sexy.” What a piece of cr@p that Belk wouldn’t even carry.

I couldn’t believe the Hong Kong look was in the top 3. I could see it being “safe”, but it just looked like a local community theater designer whipped up something for a Hong Kong scene. Red Chinese brocade and a dragon lady hairdo showed no originality at all.

Sigh. That flowered tablecloth that Ashley and Bettie-Paige made was hideous. I liked the one safe look very much and am disappointed it wasn’t in the top.

I’m watching again because I can’t stop myself, but already feeling just as frustrated as I have in the most recent seasons.

The India look should have won, it was beautiful.

I agree. The Indian look was gorgeous. I hated the winning look, with that stupid cape and the cowl hanging out of the back like a diaper.

Less than 5 minutes in, I already said “F*** off, Blake” out loud even though I’m sitting here with no one to hear me but the cat. Then he said “fish are gross.*” Now he can’t tell time. This kid is getting on my nerves, ever since that racist crap back in week 2.

**It’s not even that the fish were gross. It was that the fisherman was gross to him first. Not as good as Mr. Blake McFancypants. *