Project Runway Season 14

Hanmiao wins my vote as best PR name of all time. Pity she’s gone but she was nuts.

Tonight was a little odd. I would not have given that ugly and funny looking parachute dress by Blake the Smug the win. Or praised that look with the billowing apron like effect and the no back. I also thought there were worse looks than the one that went home. There was that boring JC Penny black dress done by the guy who did that ugly mauve look recently. That would have been my pick for the bye-bye.

If Blake isn’t Joslyn Fox from Ru Paul’s Drag Race (see the OP), he’s her twin, although Joslyn was slightly less annoying. He can’t tell time? Or he thinks it’s cute to pretend he can’t tell time? As whoever said, don’t know which is worse.

And that dress was major fugly, as was the backless black dress – both of which Tim, correctly, hated. And no one pointed out how badly fitting Candice’s look was, making the top three 0 for 3.

As to what should have won … ugh, yanno, not a single look I really liked in the lineup. Ashley’s wasn’t bad – calling her and Swamphill (or whatever his name is) for the final three. Kelly’s T-shirt was kind of fun, though there were construction issues.

Can’t believe the sequined football jersey was safe.

I couldn’t either but hey Heidi is one of the judges and that is right in her wheelhouse.

“Mumsy” seems to be this season’s word. And Christian Serrano should get a royalty for every time the word “fierce” is used.

I caught up yesterday. I like Swapnil. I’m surprised that Daavid went out on the toga dress first. The draping seemed beautifully done. I thought David C.'s muumuu was hideous, and Blake’s quilt was like she threw on a blanket. Hanmiao’s thing did look like a hospital gown.


I DVR this and start watching the recording about 35 minutes into it. Fast forward through the commercials, and I’m done the same time the show is in real time. So it’s less than hour, plus all the commercials. As far as the designs from last night, I like Kelly’s t-shirt the best. Although the challenge was a mish-mash–update a classic look for a Mary Kay kinda gal and reference New York.

I think Tyra Banks used “fierce” long before Christian Serriano.

I wanted Hanmiao to last a little longer just so she could be partnered with someone who wanted to make a cape and she could say “No capes!”* I did not like her aesthetic at all, but I think Edmond should have just let her do her own thing and hang herself with her own mess instead of try to talk her into his ideas. He had immunity so it was no skin off his nose. I didn’t understand how she went from “no swimsuit” and “I hate this color” to embracing them when she wasn’t comfortable with either. It was a mess because she tried to do what he wanted. Even though I don’t like her aesthetic, I would have liked to see what she came up with if allowed to do her own thing.

I think I would have preferred Joseph go home because what he did was boring and they never like boring. Also, Merline really had nothing to do with what happened.

*She reminds me of Edna Mode from The Incredibles, in case you didn’t get the reference.

I thought Swapnill and the leather dress woman were robbed (8/27 show). All three had interesting ideas and the one that was chosen had HIDEOUS construction issues. I get that it’s design over sewing but to pick the one that was so shoddily done when the others were creative AND well-made?

The sequinned basketball top should have been eliminated just on principle. How stoopid.

I missed the beginning of the Carnival cruise ep. How is it that they had materials to work with without going to Mood?

They were given materials to work with. I found some of those materials quite disappointing and rather unimaginative. I wish they would let the designers choose their own fabric as often as possible.

Alright, who gave the judges crack? Dammit, you know they can’t handle it.

Tim was the one who suggested they do a swimsuit. His suggestions are really the kiss of death lately. Also, what the hell is wrong with TG’s face? He looks awful.

I thought he suggested a sun suit. like a little shorts and halter combination

can they use fabric left from previous challenges on later challenges?

Not usually, though there have been challenges (usually in a finale twist) where the designers were presented with their leftovers.

I must of missed that but I wondered why they didn’t try that since they didn’t have swimsuit fabric. I also wondered why Edmond wouldn’t do that part and let her do some sort of cover-up thing. Maybe sunsuit is where Hanmiao got confused, maybe it was on unfamiliar term.

I definitely heard swimsuit.


Is that some of the explanation for the lilac ladies who lunch dress? St Petersburg to me says opulent gilded jewel tones and fur and Dr. Zhivago, oh my.

First trip to Mood for the update a classic look and use the Manhattan skyline for your inspiration or something. I liked quite a few of the safes and wish we’d seen more of them as they were barely shown in the workroom.

I know people were outraged at Blake’s vs Gabrielle’s construction fails. I wasn’t paying close attention; was his problem just at the unfinished neckline which he covered with the bib necklace? Because her entire dress was crap, scary crap. I still liked her jacket though, it was a good concept.

I would’ve sent Jake off. As others elsewhere have noted, his was a direct rip-off of Tom Ford from last year, right down to the color. He didn’t add anything new to the style.

He handsewed the blue and black together and as Tim predicted, they don’t work well together. The seams down the front just looked lumpy and uneven.

It was not just the colors that didn’t work – one was a knit and one was woven.