Project Runway 7/19

Pretty good show tonite! I like it when the designers have to do glitzy, glamorous stuff like pageant gowns!

That being said, the only gown I really liked was Laura’s. Fabulous! Simple! Sparkly! Yum. Only didn’t Miss USA say “no white”? Or am I mis-remembering?

Did not like the winner’s gown at all! Thought it interesting that Vera Wang was a judge instead of Michael Kors. But what the heck was she wearing??? She looked like she had been ridden hard and put away wet!

(See, I didn’t reveal who won and who lost. I’ll leave that for someone else to do after the show airs on the left coast.)

I liked Laura’s as well. Very simple, but well made and flattering. I liked Uli’s as well, but thought the top didn’t fit very well.

Vincent is a passive aggressive freak, telling Angela “stay back 3 feet,” and basically not letting her participate, and then turning around and saying she was no help at all. She should have told the judges “he wouldn’t let me help – I tried and offered, but to no avail.” Have a little backbone, woman!

Malan reminds me of Stewie from that cartoon-whose-title-escapes-me-at-the-moment. Even a quasi-diabolical laugh. Don’t know how real he is, though.

So far, my faves are Laura, Keith, Michael. As people, Keith is a ***hole, but the others seem OK, for now.

Given the choices, I am so glad that Kayne and Robert’s gown won. I did not like Uli and Bonnie’s gown. It was all in the top–just looking at unsupportive tops like that makes my back hurt! I liked Laura and Michael’s gown the best (TWOP and other places say the gown was actually nude, but they still should have known better in terms of choosing color). It was simple, classic and elegant. Despite its ridiculous sleeves (and the puerile behavior of its co-creators), I think Angela and Vincent’s gown edged out Jeffrey and Allison’s piece, which would have been in my bottom two with Malan and Katherine.

Hate that Malan went (even though I don’t entirely buy all his tales)–I alternate between blaming Vincent and then Angela for their fiasco, but I can’t wait for them both to go. Jeffrey is also on my list for his absolutely lame/incomprehensible use of “feminazi.” Some punk you are, dude.

I do hope that these antics will not continue to gobble up screen time (we saw almost no footage of Keith/Bradley and Laura/Michael, who both produced very appealing gowns) as the season goes on…

And I did NOT need to see Scary Naked Jeffrey leaning around the corner to give us that opinion. Ewww.

I was sorry to see Malan go, because I wanted him to stick around long enough for us to find out if he’s a total phony or what. Despite his peculiar manner and his ‘controversial’ previous history with the PR auditions, I found myself thinking that he came across as more sincere and less arrogant than I was expecting. Oh, well. Angela and Vincent will at least be entertaining in a train wreck kind of way.

I have to admit that I’m really not interested in fashion design at all, and that I just watch the show for the drama. Oh, and the eye candy–Heidi, the runway models, and the cute young blonde designer. Sometimes I can pick out which garments are better (I picked the top two tonight), but often I am totally clueless about what the judges are going to like or dislike about the designs.

I thought Kayne’s and Uli’s gowns were the top two. Laura’s was great, but it just didn’t seem like a pageant gown to me.

I thought Angela should have gone home just for that ugly outfit she was wearing on the runway. And it was pretty lame that she didn’t even bother doing a design and tried to hop on Kayne’s bandwagon – that backfired in a big way.

Angela, Angela, Angela. It should have been you. Malan may have been a pretentious twit, but he at least came up with one single idea last night. And he didn’t spend his idea time trying to pimp himself out to another designer.

Laura and Michael’s gown was gorgeous, but I didn’t like the white. It was classic, and not too sparkly all the time. Just incredibly solid work.

Vincent’s gown really wasn’t too bad, except for the shoulders. The problem is that they were all designing for a woman with boobs, and the models had none. Made some of the designs fall flat, if you’ll pardon the horrible pun.

Kayne and Robert’s gown was nice, and I see why they won, but I wouldn’t want to wear it. Of course, the chances of me being anywhere near the Miss Universe pageant anytime soon are pretty low. :slight_smile:

I have decided that while Jeffrey’s neck may be a little large, it’s the fact that he’s got a miniscule head that makes him look so odd.

I was really surprised that they kept Angela and said “auf wiedersehen” to Malan. I would have expected the producers to insist on keeping Malan as the more potentially interesting character. I also wish Angela had spoken up for herself. On the one hand, you don’t want to look like a whiner, but it seemed to me like she tried to offer help and advice in a pretty respectful way, and Vincent was the one who couldn’t deal with being part of a team (leader or not).

I liked Ulli’s and Kayne’s designs more or less equally, for pageant gowns, though they weren’t my favorites overall. I have to say, Kayne’s model looked like she was having a hard time walking in that narrow skirt. I was surprised Tara didn’t seem to mind the plunging neckline on Ulli’s, since that was one of the things she said she didn’t want. But she liked the open back. The top could have fit better, but the concept and color were pretty.

I thought Laura and Michael’s gown was beautiful, fitted and draped perfectly, and looked like they spent way longer than they had just putting on all the crystals. But it sure looked white to me, and it wasn’t really showy enough for a pageant (although I admit I never watch the Miss USA or Miss Universe pageants, I assume the style is more or less like Miss America).

Jeffrey just continues to creep me out. Must have been quite a shock to have one of the bottom two designs. Not that it’s going to make him anymore humble (does anyone else think “Cardassian” when they look at that neck of his?)

Angela may be being cast as this season’s UberBitch. And her feud with Vincent may be considered bankable drama by the producers. So she got to stay. Malan was only one of the season’s wierdos and was the only one left to be auf-ed. We still have Tatoo-Neck Guy, Vincent and Kayne to keep the “weird” quotient sky high!

Besides which, an early AUF to Malan could be seen as payback for his snubbing the show last season! A kind of Take-That-Self-Taught-Weirdo!

I think so too. He has a very small, oddly shaped head. Like he just barely escaped being turned into a shrunken head, really.

I liked Malan, far more than I liked Angela. She lost my respect when she spent the sketching time hassling Kayne, and she sank lower and lower every second. I disagree with people who said she was speaking respectfully to Vincent. She started off nagging him about the time, she promptly denied any responsibility for the gown, stomped off and refused to help midway through the first day, and then spent her time either ignoring him or pestering him. I’m impressed that Vincent stayed calm enough to even snark at her. He’s not the most stable of human beings. Even though Bonnie said that Malan was going to be the one defending the gown at the end, she helped him make and finish it. She didn’t just bail.

Malan was creepy and overdramatic, but he did design a garment for this challenge. Angela didn’t even do a sketch. He took the blame for his faults, and left very gracefully. It actually kind of reminded me of the sad exit of Daniel Franco.

Now let’s just hope Malan doesn’t come back to the reunion special, say he’ll be on the next season, and then add “I love you, Heidi” with a creepy stare.

Speaking of creepy stares, am I the only one who couldn’t tell whether Keith was pitching a design or just hitting on Miss USA? “I want it very fitted here -” cups the breasts “- and I want to see your legs.” Keith, you are talented, but I’m not so sure I like you.

Tim Gunn (admittedly an employee of the show) has said several times over that the producers do not in any way influence the decisions of the judges. Whether or not someone “makes good television” does not factor in once the casting is complete. The judges make the calls about who stays and who goes.

I missed the episode last night, and hope to catch it this week sometime.

We really liked Laura’s gown as well, and were surprised that it didn’t make the final cut. But it was a bit close to white, considering that Miss USA explicitly said that white was out (of course, in fashion, one day you are in, and the next day you might be out. :))

We were also sorry to see Malan go, and actually felt really sorry for him. And i agree about Jeffrey; what a lame-ass loser.

I agree that Angela was certainly annoying in the sketch period, harrassing the other designers.

But for me, most of the problems in that pairing were Vincent’s fault. It was clear from the first minute that he was never going to let Angela have even the slightest input into his creation, that he had no desire at all to work as a team. Angela might be a pain in the ass, but Vincent did everything he could to keep her from being able to contribute, and then used that as an excuse to blame her.

And that’s the second week in a row that Vincent has ended up in the bottom three. I don’t think he’s long for this competition. When they had the “Road to the Runway” show, i was actually rooting for Vincent; i liked his tenacity, to come back to the industry after such a long absence. But for me, his appeal has already died, and he’s just an OK designer whose idiosyncrasies are more lame than they are interesting.

I would have ditched him last night, and kept Malan.

I thought that the end credits had some sort of disclaimer that decisions about eliminations were made in consultation with the producers, and that various factors including dramatic issues could be taken into account. At least, that’s what i recall from last season; i haven’t noticed whether a similar disclaimer has been placed in this season’s credits.

You’ll have to keep a close eye out. According to my TV guide, it’s only playing another 13 times before next week’s new episode. :slight_smile:

Damn! I’ll never get a chance to watch it now! Hee hee.

My take:
Jeffrey and Alison’s dress was oddly crunched and badly executed. if it had been smoothly put together, it might have been nice. Either way, it wasn’t a pageant gown.

I was rooting for Kayne and Robert. Their dress was the only one that seemed like it was pageant-appropriate, it was beautifully made, and the detailing on the bottom and the halter-style made it interesting without being too out there.

Keith and Bradley’s gown was all right, but it was cut like something Santino would make, with the waist way too high. Who wants to look like they could be hiding a 6-month pregnancy when they’re trying for Miss Universe?

Laura and Michael made a very nice dress. That’s all. It was pretty, but it was too close to white and didn’t seem particularly special. I could buy it in the evening section of Nordstrom.

Malan and Katherine’s had too much going on at the top, it’s true, and the cut of the one-shoulder neckline was a little too Mrs. Tarzan for me. But it was innovative and interesting. I wish they’d used some of the extra dark fabric to put a ruffle on the bottom or something so that it was long enough and didn’t look unfinished.

Uli and Bonnie’s dress-- I didn’t see why everyone liked this so much. It was cut exactly the same as Uli’s dress from last challenge, and like everything else she makes, based on the Road to the Runway episode. She needs to get off the beach. Again, the waist was too high, and it wan’t formal enough. There was no structure or support either.

Vincent’s wan’t awful, but it was plain and badly fitted and a little odd at the shoulders. It looked like he’d made a boring gown and then decided it needed something interesting, so he added pieces you’d see on the uniform of some decorated general.
Looking back over that, I realize I didn’t say “Vincent and Angela’s gown.” It was unintentional but appropriate. She didn’t have anything to do with it, and it was both their faults.

I’m bored by the whole Vincent/Angela thing. At the end of the day, it was either going to be Vincent, Malan, or Angela going home. Is Vincent going to be the winner of Project Runway? No. Is Angela? No. They don’t have it in them. They’re both going home; I didn’t really care which was going to go first. Could Malan have won? Probably not, but he had it in him. He could have made it to the top three if his heart was in it, and certainly to the top half. I feel like he just got unlucky here, but Angela should have gone home.

And I feel really bad for Malan. Even if he’s a bit bizarre, he was talented and tried hard, and he didn’t sell out Katherine, which he could have, considering how dependent she was on his gown experience. And his mother sounds pretty abusive. It was sad, that he still needed to show her his work is valuable.

There are plenty of worse designers on the show. Overall, Malan shouldn’t have been 2nd to go home. It was too early to do a team challenge. It allowed the losers and boring ones to latch onto the more talented designers and pull through another challenge during what should be a winnowing-out period.

I don’t think I’d find the whole Angela thing so distasteful if it hadn’t wound up with Malan being sent home. Had Vincent been the one auf’d, I’d feel a bit bad for him, but he would have gone home soon anyway, because he isn’t that good. Malan, however, could potentially be great. He has the innate talent and the skills, and he deserved to stay around longer and be given a chance to prove himself. Most importantly, he and Vincent were both willing to stand up and say “Yeah, I’ll be team leader. I’ll put my design out there. I want this responsibility.” Angela was more interested in finding someone to pull her through the challenge than she was in coming up with her own design. Everyone else put themselves out there, and she was too busy trying to get on Kayne’s team to even attempt a sketch. She should have gone home, but the judges didn’t see that part of the show, so she got away with it.

Ignoring the fact that one of the judges is a producer.

It is most certainly there. . . and I do believe the the producers (including, of course, Heidi) do take dramatic issues into account. Their goal is compelling television, not finding the world’s next fab designer!

I am SO on the “Dump Angela” bandwagon!!!
And I LOVED Kayne’s dress - I thought Laura’s was elegant but too plain for a pageant
Personally I think Laura is going to be in the final 3 - I haven’t made up my mind about the other 2 finalists, tho. I wish I were a size 2 - I’d love to wear the coat Laura did in the first episode - I have earrings that would be perfect with it.

I have to agree with that. I think Malan had a lot more in him than two episodes, and Angela’s ugly skirt on the runway counted against her even more than her shameless courting of Kayne during sketch-time.

And please, let’s not forget those horrible, hideous stockings! My eyes!