Prominent conservatives issue report rebutting Trump election claims

There’s a hopeful sign. Whatever reason they’re doing it for, I approve

I just read over most of that report. It’s very good. I don’t know if it will change any minds (I suspect not) but I’m glad they did it.

‘As it says in the Bible,
“They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us; but they went out that they might be made manifest, that none of them were of us.”
They will pay for this herasea against Donald “J for the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ” Trump!!!11!!’
Signed ~ A Totally Sane Trump Supporter

A joke? I can’t tell.

Someone will say it (or the equivalent) seriously, that much is for sure. And probably to a larger audience than SDMB.

‘Herd of “RINOs” say what?’

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Without having yet read it, I imagine it is an effort for serious Republicans (yes, it hurt to type that phrase) to do what they have been wanting to do for two years – be rid of Trump. Since the Democrats have been unable to drum Trump out of politics as they themselves have said the Dems would, and since no one from their tribe is watching the Hearings, they have to do something to detach the clown car full of explosives from the rest of the train. The challenge is that the clown car is in the very center of the train and they don’t want to lose any more cars than they have to lose.

It gives voters a chance to hop off the cult of Trump over a strongly held but ultimately disproven issue.

I am sorry, I presumed the link was to the report itself, not a cable news story on the report (despite it saying CNN right on the link). Could someone please link to the report itself? Is it available publicly?

Oh, and my speculation about being motivated at least partially because Republicans refuse to watch the Select Committee Hearings seems correct since at least two hearing witnesses are co-authors of the report.

I found a hyperlink in the CNN store at the first “Report”

Thank you.

Whatever that report is, it isn’t hopeful. It’s late, and I’m sure it’s selfish in a way that I don’t understand. Better late than never? Possibly, but I’ve learned to never trust Republicans, especially Republicans who have banded together.
Trump didn’t win? Said in 2022? Thanks, I guess?
Have they issued an opinion on Obama’s birth certificate?

It’s very important to not look up.

(Movie reference)

They’re thinking about it.

This Trump report is a trial balloon written by expendable Rs who’re already discredited by the Trump team to see how far they get before being burned at the stake by a foaming ravening Horde of MAGATs. Or not.

Essentially this is an attempt by a few establishment Rs in DC to step up to the big microphone, tap it a couple times, clear their throat, and then plaintively say: “Is anybody out there?” Meaning are there any establishment R voters left as opposed to just establishment R functionaries, hacks, and elected officials?

If they hear a roar of approval they’ll continue. If they hear crickets this is the last we’ll hear from them. And if as I expect instead the sound they hear is the howling MAGAT mob stringing them up, well, that’ll also be the last we hear of them.

IMO of course, and worth what you paid for it.

You say movie, I say fictional documentary!!

(and so does Neil DeGrasse Tyson as I recall when he was speaking to Ari Melber on MSNBC)

It is available from the people who wrote it. There is a link on their home page:

Thank you!

Yeah, well this review is consistent with the broadly accepted narrative of “nothing to see here, move on” but it’s a butt covering exercise akin to asking for a Presidential pardon for watching as the house was burned down.

From the Executive Summary.

So after the Trumpist GOP cases (alleging electoral fraud to the degree of affecting the result) have been heard on their merits and dismissed, when to continue with the unsupported and disproved narrative corrodes the democracy, causes doubt in the legitimacy and seriously weakens the country … we bear them no ill will because they are sincere and patriotic.

The only thing we did wrong was that we weren’t right. Sheesh.

Yes, how can you bear ill-will towards a President and crowd that tried to overthrow the government and hang the Vice-President?

At least they didn’t write “None have shifted loyalties to the Democrat Party…” These writers will be as useful as the Log Cabin Republicans and the Lincoln Project.

At some point, you say the party isn’t salvageable and you start anew, even if that means wandering in the dark for a while. Or, you switch parties and try to make the Democrats move in your direction.

At the end of the Introduction:

We urge our fellow conservatives to cease obsessing over the results of the 2020 election, and to focus instead on presenting candidates and ideas that offer a positive vision for overcoming our current difficulties and bringing greater peace, prosperity, and liberty to our nation.

Yes, please! Where ARE these “fellow conservatives”? Are they in hiding, or too scared to show face? I feel like someone needs to shake a bag of cat food to get them to appear - “Heeere, kitty, kitty, kitty! [shake, shake, shake]…” Perhaps a report like this will give them cover to come out of hiding, but it will only matter when they go to the polls in the mid-terms to select adherents of “The Big Lie” or other “fellow conservatives”.