How do y’all pronounce all these fun things we have here at the SDMB? For example, I say

MPSIMS = “Mip-sims”
IMHO = “imm-ho”
ROTFLMAO = “rot-fla-mao”

Whereas SDMB = “S-D-M-B” and ATMB = “A-T-M-B.”

Also, this is probably just me being stupid, but, I always prounounced Tuba Diva with Diva = slang of Diver, like “playa”=slang of player.

Note: I really don’t say these things, but this is how they are pronounced in my head, if that makes any sense.

I’ve always said “emm-pee-SIMS.” And I’ve never honestly considered how I might pronouce ROTFLMAO. “Rot-full-mao” was the first thing that jumped to my mind.

I always thought of “MPSIMS” as mmmmmmmmp-sims, think Hanson, and then “sims.” That’s how I think of it.

OK, he’ll probably want to kill me for this, and I don’t do it when I’m talking, but in my head, whenever I see Esprix, I think Espiricks.

We will allow you to live, but we will be keeping an eye on you.

FTR, many people refer to me as 'Spree.


I always think Asterix, which is probably worse.

Unless Esprix is a short, moustached Gaul who hangs out with a big mate and chases romans.

Ummm… no.


Hey, all that photo shows is you don’t have a 'tache. The whole chasing romans, drinking magic potion scenario is still entirely possible.

Ummm… no.



Oh. My. God.

I had always read it “Diver” and had not even noticed it wasn’t spelled like that…

MPSIMS: EM-pee-sims
Esprix: es-PREE
TubaDiva: TOO-ba-dee-va

MPSIMS: “M-P-simz”, or “Impy Sims”
Tuba Diva: “Too-ba Die-va”
Esprix: “Ess-prix” until I found out better
IMHO: “Im-ho”
ROTFLMAO: “Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off”
matt_mcl: “matt-m’kl”
Magnetout: “Mag-net-owt” but I just found out yesterday it’s [French]mange-tout[/French]
Sue Duhnym: “soo DUH-nimm”–with the misplaced accent, I don’t hear the pun.