Psst...wanna see some kitty pictures?

Here’s Bruno. He is the alpha cat. Don’t let that sweet face beguile you…he’s a demon in feline form. His hobbies include pushing his brother away from the food dish, clawing at the screens, and waking me up at night with his piercing, plaintive cry. He seems very friendly, but he’s actually a user. He will introduce himself to people and allow himself to be held and cuddled…if he can capture the heart of anyone who knows how to open the pantry door, it’s all good. If he had a theme song, it would be Paula Abdul’s Cold-Hearted Snake. He is truly a foul, nasty, good-for-nothing bastard. However, once in a while, after he has pushed my patience to the breaking point, and I am fantasizing about wringing his furry little neck, he will get in my lap and go trustfully to sleep, nothing but a little cat with attitude in a big mean world.

This is Lloyd. He’s a big, timid, lovable moron. His hobbies include deferring to Bruno, hiding behind the dryer, and sleeping on his back with his legs all spread out. He is a profuse shedder, and his meow is a harsh, ugly “Wah!” He also does a good imitation of Marge Simpson’s disapproving “hmmm”. When he is happy, he points his ass at inanimate objects and shivers his tail. His claim to fame: As a kitten, he swallowed (and eventually passed) a wire twist-tie from a package of bread. He likes tummy rubs, but being held makes him nervous. If he had a theme song, it would be Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love- But I Won’t Do That”. The other animal he most resembles is a manatee.
Got kitties?

Cute boys!

Nothing’s coming out though, right? That’s how cats mark their territory. Sometimes after being “fixed” (although I don’t think they’d agree they were ever “broken”) they’ll retain the motion but not actually spray anything on the item being claimed.

Them’s some nice lookin’ kitties! Bruno and Lloyd. They kind of sound like “wiseguys”.

I have lots of kitties. Five of 'em. This is our newest addition.

Her name is Graycie. She came to us weighing only 6.25 lbs. That was at Thanksgiving. Now, she’s a porky kitty and very happy to be here. She has a crush on Domino, our only male (she “knows” about boys…the doctor says he thinks she’s had a litter). Find your inspiration. | Flickr

This is Echo. Find your inspiration. | Flickr

She’s very cool. I think she may have been a big cat in a previous life.

Quicksilver! Happy Birthday! is a little bundle of trouble. 'Nuff said on that subject.

And finally, Devil Cat…she also goes by Goodie Two-Shoes because she never does anything wrong. Find your inspiration. | Flickr

Nope, nothing comes out. Interestingly, after several years of not shaking his tail, Bruno has decided to copy Lloyd. He must think we think it’s cute.

Kalhoun, the picture of Quicksilver almost made me squee right out loud!

Yes, but remember…appearances can fool you. Most of the time she carries on like an Iraqi Terrorist, calling jihads on anything that moves (particularly bare human feet).

If that picture was a 9 on the squee-o-meter, this bouquet o’ kittens will push the needle off the charts:

I almost cry when I look at this picture. They belong to my sister-in-law. She rescued the whole lot of 'em.

Awwww…cute kitties!

Awww, that bouquet of kitties BROKE my squee-meter!

Re: kitty bouquet-- Let’s see now…that’s a kiss on the nosie for you, you, you, and you. :slight_smile:

Awwwwww - the bouquet of kitties is too much! You can just read their little minds - “Holding us like this is getting in the way of our terrorized this house, dude! That trouble isn’t going to get into itself, you know.”

Whenever I see kitty picture threads I always wish I wasn’t deathly allergic. But alas, kitties and I are not meant to co-exist.

A few of my two cats:
and here

More on my MySpace page.

I just love tortoise shell kitties. The lighter of the two is particularly pretty. I love all the different shades of red and gold. They are one of my favorite cats. Is the long-haired one a lot of upkeep?

This is the big beastie I left behind in Montreal (my Mom’s keeping him for now). Don’t let his expression there fool you - Tio is a lazy slug of a kitty.

i’m lousy with this linking stuff - still don’t have the hang of it - but here’s my gang:

me and the dive master’s wolf pack. nikita isn’t in the pic because she wouldn’t get up on the bed!

murphy posing for his closeup without realizing it.

turk, striking a pose for the camera

turk, thinking he’s gonna stow away for my trip to hawaii.

never mind… told you i was bad at this. try this one:

Thank you. Her hair is actually longer, but we shave her every 4-6 months, because otherwise, yes, it’s a real pain. She doesn’t like to clean herself much when it’s really long, and her fur gets really knotty if we don’t keep her brushed, which she hates. She has multiple layers of fur, and I believe she’s a part of some winter breed. She seems to like being shaved; she’s much more friendly afterward.

The other one is the friendlier of the two, so much so that she’s even liked by people who don’t particularly care for cats.

I pestered my teenage daughter for several days before she helped me with my links. She also took the pictures in the OP.

Aw! Very cute! They both look very huggable!

That’s a great picture. I shall never worry about you if you’re lost in a storm with your dogs.

I might as well jump on board and show off my newest pride and joy.

World, meet Sunny. That’s not what I was going to name him - he came with that name (he was used, my uncle’s new wife is allergic, so I took him in). I’d have named him Thor, God of Thunder. And his eyes really do that in the light. It’s weird.

A little closer… Sunny does not like the camera. He does, however, enjoy treats, playing with the tiny stuffed ewok my husband tied to a rope, catnip, and going on walks (seriously, he loves his harness because he knows it means outside). He is declawed (came that way) and fixed, and generally not a pain in the ass unless he decides that he wants cuddles at 5 a.m., or I have to take him anywhere in the car (he seems to get carsick).

Oddly enough, I am not a cat person, I am a Sunny person. He’s totally unlike any cat I’ve ever had or dealt with before. Very calm and non-bitchy.