PUGA IV: Doper whose been married the most times.

PUGA Hall of Fame

Shortest Doper: whiterabbit 4’2)
Doper with the most biological children: SlowMindThinking (5)
Oldest Doper: KlondikeGeoff (78)
PUGA General Rules.

  1. Saying that Dopername wins it cause Dopername is undisputed extreme answer doesn’t work. Sorry. To claim the PUGA, the person MUST post in this topic telling all the nessasary info. That’s why they’re called PUGAs (Postings Until Goal Acheived). The only exception to this is found in rule 3.

  2. Please be serious and honest with your answers. Joke as much as you want about those real answers, (and feel free to just post to this topic making joking comments any way you like) but don’t ever give a number that’s greatly exaggerated if you’re answering to the current PUGA contest.

  3. PUGA winners are not set in stone. The exception to having to post IN a topic to claim the title is only null and void if a new PUGA has been made. If you see someone in the Hall of Fame from the past PUGAs that you can beat, then, by all means, post in the current PUGA going on (that would be this one) and tell me. I’ll then put you as the person in the next PUGA I make (and the Hall of Fame in that topic).

Specific PUGA Rules

  1. Married means married to another person (obviously). Each marriage is separated by a divorce or separation. It doesn’t count if you married someone else while still married to another person. :stuck_out_tongue: However, marrying someone, separation or divorce, and then REmarrying the SAME person… counts. Renewing vows and “marrying someone all over again” (if you had never actually divorced them) does NOT count, though.

So who here has been married the most times? What number marriage is the one you’re in right now?
Again, my lead will not last very long. It’s a whopping 0.

Four times here.

Yes, I’m serious.


Geez, I think we may have a winner already. :eek:

Raises a glass with Rico. clink
At least I’m not alone in that ignominy.

Oh my…a tie…

Perhaps the tie breaker can be if you are still currently married to number 4.

Moi? Not.

Me? Hell yes! She’s a doper, too - is that extra credit?

Seriously? Yikes. I had no idea. :eek:

or should it be not married, because then it seems you are further on your way to number 5 :slight_smile:

Four times here.

Married to a Doper who also has been married 4 times, twice to the same person.

What do I win…? :smiley:

There *is *a Doper who has been married five times, but I hesitate to name them in case they choose to remain anonymous. But your title may be taken away.

Hahaha, nobody wins anything if the score is just 4 for each. :stuck_out_tongue: Then it’s a three way tie. But just out of curiousity…who are you married to, Rico and LadyDragon?

I’ve been married to cadolphin for 4 1/2 years.

Ain’t I just full of nasty surprises?

Zero. Surely, no one could possibly beat that. Oh, wait…

At least four times as many for you as for me, apparently. :wink:


Or Santa Claus.

Whichever you know him as.

I thought after reading the OP I might have a shot with 3. Guess not.