PUGA IX: Least Traveled Doper.

I’m an idiot. I accidently posted this OP at the end of my last one (which I was in, at the time, for reference and to copy and paste info) :smack:
PUGA Hall of Fame

Shortest Doper: whiterabbit (4’2)
Doper with the most biological children: SlowMindThinking (5 kids )
Oldest Doper: KlondikeGeoff (80 years young)
Youngest Doper: SurrenderDorthy (17 years old)
Dopers Married the Most Times: Rico, danceswithcats, LadyDragon, and Dolores Reborn (4 times each)
Doper with the most pets: JThunder (41)
Most Peirced Doper: Bre’r Lappin (19 peircings)
Longest Married Doper: KlondikeGeoff (56 years)

PUGA General Rules.

  1. Saying that Dopername wins it cause Dopername is undisputed extreme answer doesn’t work. Sorry. To claim the PUGA, the person MUST post in this topic telling all the nessasary info. That’s why they’re called PUGAs (Postings Until Goal Acheived). The only exception to this is found in rule 3.

  2. Please be serious and honest with your answers. Joke as much as you want about those real answers, (and feel free to just post to this topic making joking comments any way you like) but don’t ever give a number that’s greatly exaggerated if you’re answering to the current PUGA contest.

  3. PUGA winners are not set in stone. The exception to having to post IN a topic to claim the title is only null and void if a new PUGA has been made. If you see someone in the Hall of Fame from the past PUGAs that you can beat, then, by all means, post in the current PUGA going on (that would be this one) and tell me. I’ll then put you as the person in the next PUGA I make (and the Hall of Fame in that topic). Also, if you’ve won a PUGA in the past and info has changed, feel free to tell me so I can update your info.
    Specific PUGA Rules

  4. Since this one might be tricky when it comes in comparison with other claims, I have decided to just have the info that matters be how many (estimated) miles you have been at the farthest (at any possible time in your life) from your town/city of birth.

So, for example. If someone on here has never EVER been or traveled outside their city of birth, they’ll probably be one of, if not THE winner, of this PUGA.

However, if we never have anyone like that that posts (and I doubt we will), whoever has the lowest estimated mile number from place of birth will take it. Remember, the mile number has to be however many miles is the FURTHEST you’ve ever been from your P.O.B thus far in your life.
Since I was born in Buffalo, New York and the furthest I’ve been, so far, from there is California, I’d say I might not be the winner…

I’m sure someone will probably have a lower difference than I.

Well, I’m sure I won’t win either but I’m closer than the OP! I would estimate 2200 miles. I was born in Sylvania Oh (suburb of toledo) and live in Los Angeles which I think is also my furthest travel.

This probably won’t stand long. Born in Birmingham and the farthest I’ve been is San Antonio Texas. A little over 850 miles per Mapquest.

Yahoo Maps shows that my visit to Los Angeles put me 2,756 miles from the Jersey Shore. Beat that!
Which should take all of three minutes…

Shouldn’t it count for something if you’ve been a long distance once or twice but have generally stayed within the confines of a small geographical region for almost your entire life?

I’ve been to Arkansas once for a night which was, by far, the greatest distance I’ve been from my birthplace and hometown in northern Wisconsin. The total Distance 1,022 miles according to Google Maps. But, c’mon it was ONE night.

If it weren’t for that the next greatest distance would be Chicago, IL 352 Miles.

I thought about combining things based on if someone’s just taken one really long trip but other than that, never left their home town, but in the end I decided that it would be more apt to just have it be the first. So that the “Least Traveled” title would really go to someone who has the least traveled miles.

Although I guess it would depend on how many times one takes the trips.

Example, if you, DJ, only took one trip that was over 1,000 miles but Pithy took, in his/her life, about 50 to Birmmingham, then I’d say you probably have something there.

So yeah…it is a little dependant. Pithy, how many times you been there?

Actually, that’d probably be me.

I’ve only been once and I was there about 4 days to attend an Air Force boot camp graduation.

Edit: For the record, I’ve also been to Chicago (once), Cincinnati (twice), and Orlando (three times) but all three of those fell short of the distance of the San Antonio trip.

I have more to add. I live across the street from where I work. I rarely leave the city I live in. For long periods of time I have rarely traveled further than walking distance from my apartment. The longest distance I’ve traveled from my home in the last ~ 2.75 years is 104 miles (Google Maps) three times to visit my brother. The aforementioned trip to the South was the last time I left the state of Wisconsin. Can I win? Please.

How old are you?
As for this one, maybe I’ll have it be a tie or something. But maybe, in the next few days, someone will beat even both of you. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I just barely make it! :smiley:

I don’t think I’ll win. I have, however, been pretty close to the antipodeal point from the place of my birth (which you can find using this cool thing).

I was born in Atlanta, GA; the antipodeal point is in the Indian Ocean, as it is for most of the contiguous USA. The nearest land is Australia, which I haven’t visited, but Bali, in Indonesia, is not much farther away and I’ve been there.

Irrelevant, I know. But I wanted to contribute.

Goddamn that trip to Vegas! (2,090 miles) Otherwise, my farthest trip would have been a mere 689 miles to Athens, Georgia.

I should be the leader in the clubhouse. I was born in Toppenish, Washington. The farthest I’ve ever been from that town is Spokane, Washington (220 miles by road.) I’ve never even been out of Washington State. Why? I’ve rarely had enough money to travel, don’t own a car, try to avoid airlines due to the ridiculous security situation, and am a homebody. This will change–I’m going to South Texas in October.

Off to bed young man!


Check the other post.

We have a new leader for both the oldest and longest married.

David Simmons - 85 years young and married to the lovely Wilma for 63 years.

I lose! 7298.5 mi from Yokusuka, Japan (my birthplace) to my home in Florida.

I’ve been out of the country once in my life, when I was something like 5 years old. (Well, two or three times if you count a quick jaunt into New York) That was to North Carolina. Google Maps says it’s 1,283 miles from Georgetown, ON (where I lived at the time) to NC. That puts me well out of the runnung.

Wow! So far installLSC takes it. Although probably going on the hall of fame, once s/he takes that Texas trip, s/he could be dethroned.

I already have good ideas in mind for the next three PUGAs.

Unfortunatly, I can’t make them all at once (people tend to get pissed off then) so I try to space them out about one a month.

I have six children, and a seventh on the way, G-d willing. (I never noticed these other threads, I guess I need to post my specifics there?)