PUGA VI: Youngest Doper

PUGA Hall of Fame

Shortest Doper: whiterabbit (4’2)
Doper with the most biological children: SlowMindThinking (5 kids )
Oldest Doper: KlondikeGeoff (78 years young)
Dopers Married the Most Times: Rico, danceswithcats, and LadyDragon (4 times)
Doper with the most pets: JThunder (41)

PUGA General Rules.

  1. Saying that Dopername wins it cause Dopername is undisputed extreme answer doesn’t work. Sorry. To claim the PUGA, the person MUST post in this topic telling all the nessasary info. That’s why they’re called PUGAs (Postings Until Goal Acheived). The only exception to this is found in rule 3.

  2. Please be serious and honest with your answers. Joke as much as you want about those real answers, (and feel free to just post to this topic making joking comments any way you like) but don’t ever give a number that’s greatly exaggerated if you’re answering to the current PUGA contest.

  3. PUGA winners are not set in stone. The exception to having to post IN a topic to claim the title is only null and void if a new PUGA has been made. If you see someone in the Hall of Fame from the past PUGAs that you can beat, then, by all means, post in the current PUGA going on (that would be this one) and tell me. I’ll then put you as the person in the next PUGA I make (and the Hall of Fame in that topic).
    Specific PUGA Rules

None, pretty self explanatory, although if there’s ties it will obviously come down to birthdays, so post that as well when you post your age.
I’m 25, born in November. I win.

…so far…

Someone will beat me soon.

Buggrit. is also 19 :slight_smile:

Gorrammit. I, too, am 19.

But I was born in October, which should put me ahead of either of you - at least until *FlyingRamenMonster comes along.

I’m 24. Birthday is May 11th.


Holy crap, my KID is older than you all. All you 19’s I mean.

Fuddy-Duddy Bus Guy

I used to be the youngest doper. . . :frowning:

Joined in June of 1999, when I was 15.

I remember when I was a 15 year old Doper. I remember when I was a 14 year old lurker, too. Now I’m a 20 year old Doper.

Damn, I want to be the Doper with the most of something.

So it’s a three way tie for 19 so far? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m 17, but I know there are at least two Dopers younger than I am, so my birthday doesn’t really matter.

I lose. 21.

Yet another 19-er here. Why are there so many of us?

I am 18 until friday :smiley:

It’s that awkward age.

I was 15 when I started lurking, 16 at posting…

But now Im 18. Damnit.

I think there are a few 16 and under’s around, from a birthday thread a little while ago.

But see, it does if they never see this topic or post in it (or bother to post in any future PUGAs to “hold claim” to it) :slight_smile:

I don’t know, but I’m 19 too (20 in May–oh God, I’m not ready to be old!)

I’m 25.


Woohoo, I’m winning! 15 going on 16. I joined at thirteen. There are others younger than me though. Remember that time Giraffe hit on a thirteen year old?

I feel so young proclaiming my age like this…which is why I don’t post a lot.