Puget Sound roll call

I put together a list of Puget Sound Dopers a while ago but a lot of new posters have come on board and some old ones have left, so I’d like to update.

If you are posting from the Pacific Northwest OR you are an alumnus/alumna OR you have family in the area OR you might stop by some time to visit… sign in on this thread. There will be no prizes, your privacy will be more or less respected and you will show that you are smart enough to migrate to the nicest place in the nation. We’ll accept entries from as far away as Portland (Oregon) and Vancouver (BC) and even Spokane (my hometown, BTW).

Also please indicate if you think a get-together would be a good idea and if you’d like to attend if we had one. I’m not talking about a drunken debauch like the NY/Toledo/Chicago/Houston/SoCal/Bay Area gatherings, but a dignified convocation of intelligent, witty gentlefolk with a taste for conversation. (Snort!)

If we get enough interest we could make it happen. If not, it’s just nice to know we’re neighbors.

So sign in and tell any fellow rain-worshippers you know of that are posters or lurkers.

Your Unofficial Puget Sound Straight Dope Host,


I live in Portland, and make it up to Seattle enough that I could make a meet there no prob.

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I live in the Tacoma area, as does my now non-lurking boyfriend Aardvarkm. That is all.

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I’m always up there visiting my peeps in Bellvue and Renton, and I’m all for a Pac Northwest SD meeting.

Side Note: In what way did Almost Live make fun of your hometown?

We live a few blocks from Galloping Gertie. Our daughter attends Geiger Elementary. Their mascot used to be the Geiger Tiger, a good enough rhyme. But after the big wave of NW boosterism they changed it to the Geiger Orcas. Is that lame or what?

Not nearly as lame as the “Hazen Highlanders” (a.k.a. Hazen Rasins), mascot’s a guy in a kilt.

I’m in Vancouver, BC. The drive’s a bit far and I can’t afford a hotel, what with the weak Canadian peso and all, so a meeting is probably out of the question for me. Sorry, I know you’re heartbroken to not be able to meet a dedicated lurker like me, but that’s life, eh.

Yo! Heart of Seattle here.

Hmmm… Should I quit my job and just move to Seattle; or should I wait an unknown amount of time to see if I can move my desk to Bothel?

I hate California. Besides, all of my friends live in WA.

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Are you a turtle?

Thanks to all who responded (so far). I’m going to bump this to see if I can pick up some stragglers.

I am looking for verification from Miss Anne Thrope (if I don’t hear from you I’ll tell everyone what your old username was) and ChromeToaster.

Also, iceprincess lists Washington in her profile but it’s unclear whether that is D.C or the real Washington. I asked her which it was once but she didn’t reply, probably surmising that I was just some creepy old guy. Someone please let her know that I’m harmless. Anyone? Anyone?

Here is the old list, none of whom I’ve seen on here in a while:

Girl Next Door
Divido Umbra

and someone with the incredible username of smeggy. (Yuck!)

If any of you are still around let me know.

I visit for a week or two every summer, but not always at the same time and sometimes it’s at the drop of a hat. (The hat, in this case, is mom coming through with the bucks for the plane ticket.)

I’ll keep watching this thread for get-together dates though, in case it coincides with the annual trip.

Although I don’t know why I say these things – sheesh, I’m only 60 miles from Des Moines and I’m not sure I’ll be attending the Doper-Con there.

Anyway, even if I chicken out (which is likely), if anyone ever wants to talk about Seattle (sigh), feel free. I can chime in with “been there”, “no, the best dim sum is at the Hong Kong”, and “No! Elliott Bay Bookstore has new owners!”.


I’m gonna bump this thread for this whole week just to try to catch everyone.

I apologize to those who were expecting news. Oh, here’s a hot item – the Kingdome fell down!

I’m from Bellevue! I now live in Minneapolis, but I still consider Washington my home. I’ll be back over July 4th-- howsabout an Independence Day Dope shindig?

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Sorry I’m late; I’ve been visiting the folks in Idaho… ( :rolleyes: Wheee)

I’m in Lynwood here, and have been for about 9 months, but work may be transferring me again this summer. (no offense to the Puget Sound Dopers, but I hope so…)
I’ll keep you posted.

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North Seattle. I just moved up from Lynnwood. With two N’s, thank you very much. This isn’t the candy-ass California birthplace of Weird Al Yankovic Lynnwood, y’know. Though sometimes we’d like to be…

I live in Olympia, the proud capitol of this great state. (I’m required to say that, the city has a complex.)

I also have friends a plenty in Portland, where I go for culture because the drive to Portland, though greater is distance, is shorter in time than going to Seattle.

Not the Olympia doesn’t have culture. It is the capitol, after all. (you guessedit, another required statement.)

Also North Seattle, also from Lynnwood.

Undecided on the meeting Idea

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I still can’t believe that KOMO aired Huard’s appointment to the 'Hawks rather than Gretzky’s retirement. Sigh.

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Man, John Kiester used to be funny…


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Er, sorry, I’m late. I was outside enjoying the beautiful, if short-lived weather.

South Seattle here.

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