"Pull one off": Is it just me?

Hardee’s (and Carl’s Jr., apparently, whatever that is*) new Cinnamon Pull-Aparts are being marketed with people explaining where they like to pull one off.

Definitely got my attention.

  • I kid. I know it’s Hardee’s.

I get it and it’s not that it’s not funny, but who needs masturbation jokes while they’re thinking about eating a sticky roll covered in white frosting? It was a bit unappetizing.

One wonders how soon this will join the same dustbin as McDonald’s “I’d Hit It!” ad campaign.

But, gotta admit, I LOL’ed.

I saw one of those on TV in the middle of the afternoon. My inner adolescent thought it was pretty funny. My inner adult was mildly appalled that they could actually run that ad. Those two rarely agree on anything…

Hey, didja know that if a boxing match goes the distance, the ref will most likely have said the word “box” literally dozens of times?

Or that a rose in the early stage of its growth is a “rosebud”?

Or that baseball actually has something called “base on balls”?

Or that one of the weightlifting methods is the “clean and jerk”?

Or that a private detective is often referred to as a “dick”?

Buddy, I could go on for pages. If you go through life with a Beavis and Butthead mentality, you’ll never get anything done.

Oh, so Life is supposed to be about “Getting Things Done” all of a sudden? :wink:

I was sort of wondering the other day if the name of Dunkin Donuts’ customer loyalty program (“DD Perks”) was dreamed up by a 12-year-old boy…

But did it make you ship your pants?

How is “pull one off” a euphemism for female masturbation? I must be doing it wrong.

This is the first I’ve ever heard “pull one off” as a euphemism for masturbation by either sex. I gathered from the OP that it was slang for something relating to sex, but to me, that term always means detaching something. Which leads to a completely different interpretation.

It’s better than Egg Beaters.