Punny business names

There was a “Cluck You Chicken” in the SF Bay Area, though I think they were forced to change their name to “University Chicken”.

Though my favourite was the Eritrean-Irish (yes, really) food truck in San Francisco called Eire-atrea. Never actually ate at it thought (I mean surely and Irish food truck is just a chip van?) Though I guess that’s word play, not a pun?

Locally, we’ve had a hair salon called Curl Up & Dye and a bait shop called Master Bait & Tackle.

I think I posted this before. In parts of the South, the name “Kerr” is pronounced “car”. Therefore, the carwash on Kerr Avenue in Wilmington, North Carolina was named the “Kerr Wash”.

There was (is?) a beauty salon in Royal Oak, Michigan on the second floor of a building called “Upstares”.

So far we have had three posts for local hair salons called Curl Up and Dye. I did a search and there are a lot of them, apparently even used on The Simpsons.

There used to be a restaurant in Minneapolis called the Rainbow. A maternity shop upstairs was obviously called Over the Rainbow.

Montreal has a jazz bar called “Upstairs”. It’s below street level, so you have to go downstairs. Its big sign reading “Upstairs” is upside down.

It was also in the movie Earth Girls are Easy with Geena Davis, Julie Brown, Jeff Goldblum, Damon Wayans, and Jim Carrey.

It was also used in the movie Blues Brothers years ago.