Punny business names

Nan’s book store in Grover Beach always has a pun/wordplay joke on the sign out front. They change it every couple of months. Checking street view just now, it says A dog in winter is called a chili dog

I saw a van today with the business “Air Force One.” I didn’t see the whole van but I guessed it was an HVAC company. I just looked it up and I’m right.

Fun fact - the plane used to transport horses to the Olympics is known as “Air Horse One”.

I got an ad in my Facebook feed last night for a local bakery called Nothing Bundt Cakes.

I’ve seen a place that sells truck accessories that has the name Mother Truckers.
In my home town, just a few miles down the road from Disneyland there was
bar with the name Dizzyland. The bar is no longer there and the building was torn
down many years ago.

On my self-guided tour of southern Mississippi hometowns of NFL quarterbacks in 2000, I saw a sign for what was apparently a video/electronics store called Kiln-N Time. (The N at the end of the town name is silent.)

I didn’t see any relevant businesses in Mount Olive. However, it still had light and dark blue ribbons all over the main street with a banner saying “Congratulations, Steve.”

FYI, they’re actually a nationwide chain.

There used to be a fish-and-chip place in Kentish Town, London, called Kenfish Town. When I was last there, I noticed they changed the name to something ordinary, what a shame.

I’ve seen more than one fish restaurant called The Codfather. There’s one in Ryde with the tagline “we’ll batter anything” - you can bring your own food and they throw it in the fryer for something like £2.50.

There’s a small town in Michigan named Hell. It’s actually a pleasant rustic little place with a stream and a water wheel and a pretty little footbridge. And right next to that bridge is a pub called the Dam Site Inn. You can buy t-shirts advertising that you went to the Dam (site) Inn in Hell.

There is or was one in Putney (London) called Rock’n’Roe (for those who don’t know, a fish called huss is sold in chippies as “rock salmon”).

Our guy is Joe, and his company is MOW JOE’S.

Across the River, we get our gravel and pavers from CLASSIC ROCK.

Not a pun, but a local landscaping company has the website name www.greensideup.com/.

I just found out about this one:

Curl Up and Dye

Ash Wipes Chimney Sweeps.

My own gas company is called Peoples Gas and I’d never noticed the pun.

El Paso Gas.

I noticed an auto repair place on Google Maps last night called Honest Engine.

This isn’t the name of a business, but its slogan was pretty good:
An automotive radiator repair shop in a small town, with a sign:
“Smith’s Radiator Repair–the best place in town to take a leak”.

Wreck-a-Mended is a local auto body shop here.

A couple more, from southern Maine:

Eyephoria Optical*
Brewed Awakenings (coffee shop)

*there was a central Ohio optical place called Eye Columbus (add your own exclamation point).
Sadly, they changed the name.

On the old NPR Car Talk show, they had a list of joke-name staffers, and they got their glasses from “C F Eye Care.”