Punny business names

We dined there several times years ago. They used to have a ‘Lazy Susan’ table. Apparently it’s Italian these days.

Of course there is the (in)famous mobile butty bar in Cornwall that sells burgers, kebabs and chicken and is called "Jason Donervan".

I eaten at a restaurant called “Pho King” in Clarkesville, TN
They have no website to link to.

There’s one in Dayton, OH called What The Pho.

… I don’t get it. What’s the pun here?

It’s not a classic pun, which is typically defined as wordplay using homophones. But it is word play in that a potentate is an absolute ruler, yet this one is doing manual labor. Then add in the rhyme, which is strong with onomatopoeia. Their name (Hernia) isn’t relevant to that but adds further humor to the concept.

Or so I see it. Your mileage may vary.

While I can appreciate the alliteration in their slogan, I originally thought “hernia movers” was supposed to resemble some existing word if I said it really quickly but - nope, I got nothing.

Thanks for explaining it anyway :man_shrugging:

Not a pun as much as a directive but there’s a bakery in Estes, Colorado called “You Need Pie.” After seeing the sign my kids decided that they did, indeed, need pie. The pie was quite good.

I saw a self car wash named “Sud-n-Glow”.

And, Ebbetts Pass Gas.

Maybe not exactly a pun, but the only gas station in the tiny town of Point Reyes Station, CA is called Point Reyes Station.

Royal Flush Sanitation — A royal flush beats a full house


Unless I’m missing something (very possible), none of these seem like puns.


You are a Party Pooper, which could be a name for, well, no viable business I can think of.

The now defunct Service Supply Co. (industrial products) for years had a giant logo painted on the side of its building along I-65 in Indianapolis, featuring the slogan “House of a Million Screws”.

Party Pooper would be a great name for a Porta Potty rental company.

That might actually be my number two choice.


There is a Vietnamese restaurant here in Columbus Ohio named 6-1-PHO. Columbus’ area code being 614 and the pho dish already defined earlier in the thread.

All you have to do is wish…


You are right. If I could redact my poopy post I would.


Pet grooming business near me called Spitz and Pawlish

Not the actual business name, but a sign I saw in a window today:

Do what the cool kids are doing — try cryotherapy!

The Mrs. and I were touring a little colony of tradesman and I saw an outdoor oven for firing ceramics. I said “Hey! Kiln me softly!”

It turns out someone already happened on that pun.