Q on the Mexican (spoilers)

Ok, just saw the new Pitt/Roberts vehicle, and I’ve gotta know, before my head explodes:

Just who the hell was the James Gandolfini character working for, exactly?

You see there are two hit men after Samantha: Leroy and the other guy, except that it turns out that the one we think is Leroy is not, he’s Winston. Now we know that Leroy was hired by Nayman, but who hired Winston? Margolis? And if Margolis hired him, why didn’t Margolis seem particularly upset when he confronts Jerry at the end? Better yet, if this goddam gun was so important to everyone, why didn’t either of the master criminals (Margolis and Nayman) send one of their button men to fetch the thing in the first place?

Bonus question: what was the point, if any, of building up all that audience sympathy for Gandolfini’s character, only to have him unceremoniously taken out of the picture with a half hour to go, and at the hands of Pitt, yet?

I wanted to like the film, but plotular sloppiness of this sort gets me steamed. Sheesh, looks like my head’s gonna explode anyway. And on such a trivial matter…

ok, I wish I could remember the names, but I think I can answer your question anyway…

Remember the scene in which the guy brings a fax of an offer for the gun to his boss (the little guy in the suit with the glasses?)? I am 99% sure he hired Gandolfini to get the gun before Pitt could get it to Gene Hackman. I don’t know if he knew what Hackman was going to do with the gun or not, but he knew he could make a better buck by selling it himself. While suit boy and the employee with the fax are in the office there is some talk of Hackman cutting them out of the “business” and they had better get something for themselves (that is how suit boy keeps the employee quiet).

As for the sympathy buildup and then the killing, I think it was to add to the sense of confusion the movie had. I also thought the movie was scrambled, but I liked it.

Hope that helps!

I hated the movie. To me, it is just another Pulp Fiction wanna be movie.
To answer your question (I can’t remember the names either):

The guy in jail sent Pitt to get the gun because he was the only guy he felt he could control succesfully. He also sent the black hitman to get Julie Roberts.

The little weasel guy with the fax sends Gandolfini to take out the black hitman, get the gun, and then kill Pitt and Roberts.

The little weasel worked for the guy in jail, and was backstabbing him. The guy who got out of jail was disbanding their branch of the mob(?) and the little weasel was trying to take over as the new boss.

Everybody thought Gandolfini was going to let Pitt and Roberts live, I guess their version of a good plot twist was to make him attempt to kill Pitt, and then have Pitt justifiably kill Gandolfini.

You have to keep the good guys good you know?:slight_smile:

An alternative to think about that scene would be to assume that Gandolfini KNEW he would be killed, and let Pitt kill him because either it was the only way out of his miserable life, or because he thought their love was so perfect they deserved to live.

I’m probably full of shit abotu that last scene, but the thought just popped into my head, and I thought I would toss it out there.

Thanks, guys.

I’d tend to go with Freedom’s statement that Gandolfini was sacrificing himself; if it’s not clear I;d tend to lay that to inept direction more than anything else.

Too bad about that movie; the script wasn’t entirely bad but the thing really did fall apart towards the end.