QUEER Dopers in Maryland. Pride count whos going& whos not?

Im starting this post now to ask in advance if there are any queer dopers in and around Maryland that are goin to Baltimore Gay Pride …To be Held on June 15&16th …Let me know we could have a group of us at the block party to hang out and have fun and always …gossip gossip gossip… :smiley: :smiley: Responed and give me a head count so we can plan to meet and party … For pride info goto Baltimore Gay Pride :cool: :cool: Looking forward for a big turnout this year… If u dont wanna post it here then u can always email me. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hmm. This is doable. I think. I’m not gay, nor am I a Baltimoron(;)), but I might be able to make the trek.

thats cool … have u ever been to a pride event … hope u can make it, if so we’ll chat about the details like time of the event and location …and stuff :slight_smile: :slight_smile: let me know

I’ve never been to a pride event, no. That’s mainly because nobody usually tells me when/where they are:)

:slight_smile: Ill tell u all u want to know … goto the link in the post and if u have any other ?'s then feel free to ask … email me or post or message me …

just a quick not …if anyone can please respond …and let me know …its only 1 1/2 months away…

I go every year with my gay friends (though I myself an mot gay). Last year we made rainbow ribbon pins and rainbow bead bracelets to toss joyously at everyone (of course, we collected our fair share of condoms and candies in return).

I’m sure I’ll be there this year; how about we meet at Central Station before the parade - second floor, by the bar?

Sounds great …we could meet there …i like central…:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Chalk me up as a maybe.

Are Lesbian Lurkers welcome?
Looks like I’m off that weekend and I only live a little over an hour away (Harpers Ferry). I’d love to come hang out for the day. I’ll talk to me grrl and see if she’ll be back from Canada by then.


That sounds great … all are welcome …let me ok Hon…:slight_smile:

I haven’t been to a Pride in a years. It sounds like it’ll be a great party.

Alas, while the spirit and flesh are willing (oh, too willing!), the wallet is weak. So I’ll only be there in my dreams (and hopefully, in punha’s ;)), folks…


So …

June 15, Central station, by the bar? Time?

Just out of curiosity, is this a bar that cards? (Hey, I’m underage, I hafta ask) Or will it matter?

:frowning: i forgot about that …most of our bars card now, they are afraid of police doin a suprise check …dosent happen often but with that event they are around the whole time but u can attened the block party its open to all …i dont think they would card u on the street …u look old enough to me… :frowning:

Pride 2002 will be cool … Ive heard there will be a QAF theme float at DC pride this year …hope we can do something equaly as good… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


BUMP… sorry but i want ppl to see my thread …who really goes to the last page and looks at inactive posts anyway…except me …:wink:

Alright every body its been 25 days since the last post to this topic and Its getting even closer now, so i would still like to know whos going to Baltimore’s Gay Pride Celebration. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: … So you all get back to me you hear.

Hellooooo in here… Anybody home? Is this thread empty?

I’m still in for the Baltimore Pride thing. I’ll be there with my gf and possibly another friend. Where will folks be gathering? How on earth would I find anyone in the wonderful mess that is a Block Party?