Question about a song from SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS

I have a three year old which means I’ve seen every episode of SpongeBob Squarepants approximately 79 times. there is an episode called “Band Geeks” which is about Squidward trying to impress another sqid acquaintance by putting together a marching band comprised of Bikini Bottom denizens. When showtime comes, SpongeBob and co. perform a song that sounds like an eighties era, arena rock type thing (think Foreigner/ Journey/Heart). I keep trying to figure out what this song is and who’s performing it, but the credits always fly by too fast to get a good look at the song credit. Does anybody know if this is a real song by areal band, or is it just something composed for the show?

The chorus keeps chanting something about a “sweet, sweet mystery” if that helps anybody.

I thank you in advance for any answers.

I got this off the Nick website because I had wondered the same thing myself. You can download the song on Kazaa if you have it.

The singer of ‘Sweet Victory’ is a guy named David Glen Eisley, who fronted a band called ‘Giuffria’ and later went on to do solo projects. I’m not sure if the song appears on any of those albums or was specially produced for ‘Spongebob’, but there is a discography at Have a look!

Thanks, I think I vaguely remember Giuffria. they were an eighties metal hair band IIRC. Thanks again for the info.

No problem.