Question about dolls

I have been looking off and on for a realistic looking baby doll that won’t float or get ruined after being immersed in water for a long time. I remember a “newborn baby shivers” or something like that being out but haven’t been able to find it when I have remembered to look. It would be even better if it was anatomically correct since I plan to use it in an art project I have been wanting to do for quite some time though it is not necessary. I want it to be available commercially (not online) and preferrably under about 40 bucks though I will make concessions for the more realistic it is.

I have another art project that will require a whole lot of them and it would be nice to have them look like the original single project one.


Have you tried calling the local chain toy stores?

Aside from that, your projects sound like they’re going to be really cool, judging by the components you plan to use. Would you be kind enough to post pics, maybe, when you’re finished? I’d like to see them.


Unfortuanetly I could steer you in the direction of some great baby dolls for;

burning, hanging, dragging behind cars
beating, eating, scorching with cigars
Cutting, gutting, or ripping out hair
but drowning?

nope, sorry. :slight_smile:

Sqrl honey, go to toys r us and get a berenguer “lots to love doll” and try it out, if you fill it with water before submerging it it shouldn’t float. (They are about 14 inches long and are really realistic looking fat little baby dolls made of vinyl). In the stores here they are about $10.00. If you want a longer baby try the berenguer “LaNewborn” dolls, about $16.00 here and they are about 17 inches long.

I know these things because I own a 20 inch berenguer “LaBaby” doll that I not only play with and dress in baby clothes, I also take her to dope-fests. LaBaby dolls won’t work for what you are planning cause they have cloth bodies.

Berenguer dolls. Now that is a good idea. When I find the appropriate “display case” for them to go in, I will post the photos online somewhere. Mwuhahahaha.