Question about last night's Rescue Me (spoilers)

For those of you who saw the previous episode: One of the guys on the other truck was so drunk that Tommy locked him into the firetruck, took the drunk guy’s jacket and ran into the fire, helping save someone.

In last night’s episode, he dusted off his cousin Bobby Keefe’s jacket and continued to sneak into fires and save people.

My question is, why is he doing this? I can understand if he thinks everybody on that truck are a bunch of drunks, but why use his dead cousin’s jacket? Is he hoping they’ll think they’re seeing a ghost, or is that just a side-effect? I can’t understand why he keeps doing this with the Keefe jacket.

I’m also confused about what he’s doing at the firehouse. Are both trucks in the same house? If so, wouldn’t he be missed on his own truck?

This whole season has been one WTF after another.

Over at TWOP, there’s a lot of speculation that, if it’s right, would explain a lot of this season’s weirdness. It also answers questions about Tommy and Sheila and that horrendous fire last season.

I’m putting it in a spoiler box:

Tommy’s in a coma and has been all season. Sheila’s probably dead. What we’re seeing is Tommy’s dreams, or whatever goes on in your head when you’re in a coma. Whatever progress that we’ve seen happening in other characters’ lives – it’s in Tommy’s head because they’re visiting him in the hospital and talking to him.

That makes a lot of sense. When he cool traded the Escalade, shit when I realized he had the Escalade I said WTF? This cannot be real. So, is this the end for Gavin?

SSG Schwartz

The thing about Rescue Me is that the main character is the least interesting one in the bunch. I thought the whole “I see dead people” thing was put to rest a while back in that scene with the votive candles but instead it’s getting worse. Gavin’s not just having conversations in his head, but actually cringing as the phantoms attack him. It’s starting to resemble Ally McBeal’s halluc-o-matic schtick, leaving the audience to wonder how a character this mentally ill keeps the rest of their life intact.

Kill him off, and give us more time with the rest of the guys in the squad.

Not to inject reality into a TV drama or anything, but I always thought that Gavin’s quirks were as a result of PTSD from 9-11. He has not sought help for his PTSD, and the symptoms get worse. Don’t kill him to have more time to measure penii or debate racism in the firemen of the NYFD.


SSG Schwartz