Question about 'Master of Magic' (released 1994!)

OK, so Master of Magic was released over 20 years ago. :eek:
I think it’s classic - and thankfully a company* has issued a Dosbox version which plays beautifully under Windows.

So I’m enjoying this historic game - but I would like to reset the ‘Hall of Fame’ scores.
However the game doesn’t seem to have an option for this.
I found the gamefile which stores the information. It’s called HALOFAM.LBX - but I don’t know how to open that filetype.

Any suggestions?

  • if you’re interested, they are GOG (Good Old Games.)

If the info is really stored there (as opposed to being the image behind for example) perhaps installing the game from zero in a different folder and then copying the resulting HALOFAM.LBX over your current installation would do it.

That’s a good idea - thanks!

(I’m pretty sure the scores are there - when I moved the file out of it’s set folder, the game wouldn’t work…

Great game. Still one of my all time faves.