Question about the movie "Spanking The Monkey" (SPOILERS)

I was watching it on Bravo last night and missed a crucial scene, perhaps someone can clarify the ending for me.








At the end, after the main character tries to kill himself, he starts strangling his mother. That is when I was called away from the TV. Did he kill her, or did he stop before she died?


He stopped before she died. I think he just kind of freaked out, but caught himself in time. Then, as he’s looking at her and she’s catching her breath, his friend comes and whispers at him through the window (he couldn’t see the mom laying on the floor). He says, “What are you doing?” and the kid (I can’t remember his name) says, “Choking my mother.” The friend then says something like,“Well, I guess you need to get out of the house, then.” Then he goes with the friends and…did you see the very end?

Yeah, I saw the rest after he was with the friends.

Thanks C3!

I saw this movie about 6 months ago. I’m still not sure whether I liked it or not. Whats the verdict with the folks who have seen it?

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Hmmmm, I’m not sure if I liked it or not, either. It was mostly really frustrating…I had the urge to slap the father silly. I have a hard time imagining any woman putting up with that crap for very long at all, but I guess in the case of the mom, she was just as manipulative. I guess mostly I felt like the characters were underdeveloped. There were a lot of starts and stops. For instance, when the mom tells the kid that the father didn’t want kids and that her not going to school was part of the deal. Well, you can assume that she told him she wouldn’t pursue a medical career if she could have a baby, but the kid’s reaction to this was nothing. Did I miss it, maybe? And then, the subject was over…nothing more said about it.
To me, it just felt like a vague set of ideas that didn’t really have much substance. Too much info, not enough depth.

I saw this movie a few years ago, and it freaked the shit out of me and my friends. But that was probably just the mushrooms. I’ve thought about seeing it again. The director’s other movies are good (what’s his name?)-- Three Kings (which I haven’t seen) and Flirting with Disaster (which I have ****).

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David O. Russel is the guy’s name.
I thought Spanking the Monkey was good. Quite depressing, but well made.
He has improved, though. Both Flirting With Disaster and Three Kings I thought were better.
He is one of my favorite directors.


I agree with Pat on this one, except that I rate Fliting With Disaster below Spanking the Monkey. The movies, too.

I like Russell’s work very much. It is refreshing to see a director in Hollywood who is not afraid to experiment and deliver challenging material.

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I offered to pick up a couple of rentals for movie night at the house of a friend. I had remembered hearing good reviews (but not much else) of StM at the time it came out, so I picked up that. I also got “The Sweet Hereafter” because it also got good reviews. And finally, being a fan of Parker Posey, I also picked up “The House of Yes.”

Anyone who has seen all three films will recognize that a common theme that runs through them. Having to experience the discomfort of that scenario three times in one evening was a little overwhelming. Needless to say, I am no longer permitted to select movies.

Holy crap, Nurlman! What are the odds that you would pick up three seemingly random movies, unfamiliar with their content, and have them all end up dealing with incest?

I wonder what whomever was watching movies with you thought about that.