Question about The Santa Claus 2

Did they ever explain why the previous Santa didn’t leave a Mrs. Claus behind? Or what happens to a current Mrs. Claus when the Santa Clause is invoked upon a successor Santa?

Not that I recall. Then again, I do find the fact that Santa just disappeared when he fell off the roof to be mysterious, as well. Does the movie explicitly say he died?

If he did die, and that caused him to disappear, I could see it causing Mrs. Clause to disappear, too. Or of course, she could have died and disappeared long ago. Do we know that she gets to be long-lived? Heck, do we know that Santa is long-lived, since he can be replaced? I mean, if he died, he died like a mortal would, perhaps even worse, since people often survive falling off a roof–they need medical attention, but they don’t die right away.

I don’t recall there being anything said about the previous Mrs. Claus (wife of Scott’s predecessor) at all.

She got run over by a reindeer.

I figure it is something like the Dothraki in Game of Thrones. When a Khal dies and is replaced, his widow is no longer the Khaleesi. She retires to join the other former Khaleesi in governing the homeland.

So maybe the former Mrs. Clauses are off ruling over the elves. Or more likely, their immortality is abruptly revoked and they blow away into dust like a vampire who has lived centuries beyond their proper lifetime. Except that one Mrs. Clause no one talks about who found a way to extend her immortality by feeding on the blood of Elven children, hanging on to a shadow of her former life. Waiting in the shadows for the chance to feed on the offspring of the current Santa and Mrs. Claus, finally regaining her former power so she can overthrow and replace Mother Nature with the help of her army of Elven child vampires. That’s what The Santa Clause 4 is about, guest starring Angelina Jolie as the Evil Widow Clause.

BTW in the first movie when the Sleigh returns with Tim Allen rather than the former Claus, the elves are neither surprised or disappointed. That tells me the former Clause was a jackass, and they are glad to be rid of him, and might have even engineered the entire mishap. Later when they are showing Tim the safety upgrades, they ignore his demands to know what measures they implemented to prevent him falling off the roof. They have none, because they are keeping their option open in case they need to off him as well.

Maybe the former Mrs. Clause decided she wasn’t a chubby chaser after all and greased the old coot’s shoes. Note that Calvin wore his own boots that first night… once Rudolph reported in that the new guy was incoming, she left so fast there were skidmarks. She’s probably in the Bahamas taking a spinning class on a luxury liner.

Besides, how weird would that be otherwise? “Here’s your new job, wait for The List (make sure to check it twice), oh, and, here’s your wife.” It’s like a Star Trek Holiday Special in the holodeck. Plus, the way things turned out? Elizabeth Mitchell. Rowr.

If a new Santa were gay, the “Mrs. Clause” would require him to find a beard in addition to growing one.