Question: Would there be any interest in a Photoplasty game?

I used to be an enthusiastic participant in the Cracked Photoplasty contests:

They’re not like they used to be, as they are now done by Cracked’s professional designers, but back in the day, say 2015 or 2016, they were done by ordinary people submitting entries. The Cracked site is searchable; you can look back to see examples of what we ordinary people used to do. There were cash prizes, and I’m proud to say that I won a few.

I’m not proposing cash prizes, just bragging rights. But I am wondering if anybody here would like to participate in our own Straight Dope photoplasties. Each of Cracked’s were based around a theme: “Typos that would ruin the world,” or “Alcohol ads that tell the truth,” or “If movies had better titles”; and they generally required image manipulation – that is, you couldn’t just slap text on a photo in many cases, though a few called for that. For example, “Famous movie lines that work as well or better in another picture,” where we gave a still from a movie, and a voice balloon stating the other movie’s famous line.

Like I mentioned, I enjoyed designing for those contests and entering; and I think other Dopers did too, based on commentary here from back in the day. Would there be any interest in doing the same here nowadays? Again, there would be no prizes, just bragging rights, but my design skills are getting rusty, and I’d like to use them again.

Count me in.

I participated in a few Fark “Photoshop this” threads, but this sounds a lot meatier.

Seems to be little interest, @Knowed_Out . Try it anyway, or just let it rest?

I’m down for it. Maybe once we get the thread going others will jump in.

I’m trying to think of a good, yes easy, prompt; that might bring people in. Hmmm…

That should be “yet easy,” so I hope there was no misunderstanding.

I’m still working on an idea, but it occurred to me that perhaps some Dopers are not understanding what I’m talking about, so some examples might be in order. As an example, here was my entry for “If Alcohol Ads Told the Truth”:

That one was rather complicated, but like I said, some just require text and/or photos and artwork. This one is in response to “Weird Superstitions You Have,” and is just photos, text, and an arrow that was a shape in the Shapes menu of my software:

Here’s one that was pure text and photos; and it was my entry to “If TV Shows Had More Honest Titles”:

That one was easy; it’s just text and photos.

I can use Photoshop, but didn’t always. Especially with the “text and photo” ones, I found that PowerPoint did a good job, as it handles text and graphics and backgrounds very well. Some people even used Paint. We generally used a maximum of 750 px high by 550 px wide, but anything smaller was okay too.

Anyway, does that help with what I’m proposing, and is there any interest? Other than @Knowed_Out , of course. And if there are any questions, feel free to ask.

It’s a cool idea, but I don’t want to commit until I see the topic, and see if I have time to work on it.

But, yeah, I loved this on Cracked.