Questionable sig line

I have no idea why but this comment made me giggle like a fool and I think it would make a great sig line but the thread was closed and the OP was warned by TPTB and I’m not a make waves kind of person.

Originally Posted by G. Pie

Why must I wait 60 seconds between posts? I have bipolar mania. Your website is not accommodating my disability.

Out of context (or even in) it may not be that funny but it tickled me for whatever reason.

Yeah, I’m a bit off.

It’s a funny line. As long as you just steal the line, and not emulate the poster’s behavior, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. (Of course, I speak only for myself, not for any of the other moderators.)

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

No plans on going that far off the deep end you have my word on that!

How do you like mine?

Uh … it’s fine?