Hoo, boy, my flamboyant "sig" v. the rules:

According to a rule mentioned in a post in this thread…


  • I have been oblivious to yet another point of being a good member of this community.

While I have been leery of possible future problems such as making too long a quote of song lyric’s, etc., I have never worried, really, about any of my flamboyant [memo to self: make this bold, italic, navy-colored and an extra size or two ;:rolleyes: ] tendencies in making posts.

The only possible ting I could say about it is that I don’t actually have a canned sig, but produce it freshly, with some slight variations, each time. But that would not seem to make a difference.

It seems that my “sig” has been the most obvious example of this, and upon reading the sig advisory, I intend to stop this practice. I am somewhat relieved that I was not mentioned by name in the thread, but there was apparently a recent (?) previous thread I missed, and for all I know I was mentioned in that one.

That’s it! From this point on, I will not just read through the rules, but actually study them. Maybe five minutes a day for a while.

Sorry about that. - Me.

I tell you that there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous people who don’t need to.

He who has ears let him hear! :slight_smile:

Too little too late. Maybe with a month of fasting and some flogging.

With 6000 posts from Puerto Rico

Well, you have the right idea. Sorry to nitpick, but I calculate two months of fasting and 9000 posts.

More to the point, the flogging should be skipped. It wouldn’t be a punishment for me. At this point in my life, I’m beginniing to think :eek:… that I actually… enjoy pain. :wink:

IOW, very funny Sapo. I know you’re razzing when you end with you’re name. :smiley:

Back to the wider subject here, I realized that one of my points of apprehension is really moot. If there is any doubt whether a quote from a non-public domain work is too long, one can always link to it, especially in the case of song lyrics.
Wait a minute. Ah, here it is, in post #3. Less than 5% of the material in an article, and only enough of poems, short prose, and songs to make a point. Usually a few lines, otherwise link to those who have the rights to it.
There were two other concerns I had, but now I an’t remember them. Darn!
I’m going to have to make notes on things more often. – [del]Ja[/del] I mean, [del]me[/del], I mean, nevermind!