Questions about this season of Two & a Half Men

I never watched Two and a Half Men before this season; I’ve seen perhaps four or five episodes here and there but never enough to really keep up with the series, so all I really know is from this season. A few questions:
-Has it ever explained why Alan is so broke? He shouldn’t have to pay alimony since his ex-wife is remarried, child support shouldn’t be that expensive, and while chiropractors don’t usually get rich like doctors they should be able to make a living, so why is he so impoverished even when he doesn’t have to pay rent/utilities/etc.?

-Charlie left Alan the contents of a safe deposit box that included his journal and a $100,000 watch that their mother was wearing when she dropped off the journal. Why doesn’t Alan sue her for this watch if he needs money so desperately? It’s not like it’s going to hurt their relationship- he clearly hates her- and $100K, or even half that or whatever he could get for it, is worth the cost of getting a lawyer to send some letters. I know it’s a sitcom and all, but still, that’s his property and he needs it.

Not a question but just an observation: in the most recent episode he took Ashton Kutcher’s character’s wedding band to the pawn shop (where the broker was played by Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks) and received an offer so high the pawnbroker wrote it down. (I hate that trope.) The band was made of rhodium and platinum.
Rhodium is the most expensive metal, but it’s not THAT expensive: it’s roughly twice the price of gold currently, and platinum between gold and rhodium (closer to gold). It wasn’t jeweled. It would definitely have value, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near that mouth watering a figure I wouldn’t think- a few thousand tops probably. Just thought this was lazy writing.

Alan has two ex-wives, not one; he married an actress portrayed by this comely lass, then divorced her in short order, but not so short that he didn’t have to pay alimony. Anywho, he’s very cheap in the short run because he he’s terrified of being broke in his short age, so a lot of his seeming impoverishment is a flat-out lie.

I have watched little of the show otherwise, so for your other questions, I got nothing.

He is saving for “Old Alan.” That and he is inherently cheap. Although if he had any kind of lawyer at all, he could get the alimony to Candi cancelled since she is starring in that CSI ripoff as a “fornesic investigator.”

The writing has really gone down the drain in this last season. I suspect the good writers have left, understanding that without Sheen this is not a viable sitcom.

I don’t think Alan’s that good of a chiropractor. He also has an extremely submissive personality and is very easily dominated by women. He can’t stand up to his mother, he can’t stand up to Judith (he couldn’t even stand up to his own divorce lawyer), and he can’t even stand up to Berta (& she’s the nicest to him out of all 3 women). He can’t stand up to Kandi, but I don’t think he’s been paying her alimony. IIRC she was very quick to since the divorce papers when she got the acting job and realized that by making more money than him she’d have ended up paying him alimony. She did burn through eveything he won in Vegas and kept the condo they boaught though. He can’t stand up to Jake either. Never stood up to Charlie for more than an episode. He freely admits he has no pride. He can bitch and moan about all this people, but when push comes to shove he simply can’t bring himself to actually do anything about it. I’ve always thought the series finale will involve Alan finally snapping, murding his entire family, then commiting suicide. Or more likely murdinging his entire family, failing at suicide, and ending up on death row with a very rapey cell mate.
Not to hijack the OP, but is it just me or are they really playing up the gay joke angle re Alan & Walden? :dubious: Since they aren’t brothers they’ve more material to work with and at times it seems like Walden might really be a closest case and attracked to Alan. Who’s definantly straight, but Walden’s a billionaire with a beach house. AFAIK the only person on the show who’s actually comented on this is Walden’s ex-wife; none of his family would belive that Alan could possibly get a Walden.

I’ve not seen the last few episodes, but I said before it started that they’d better keep the best character, they can lose Charlie… But not:


Without her, whole half seasons of the show were hohum. I assume theres no sign of her yet…

I think they kind of dropped the fact that Alan had money due to alimony not being paid anymore, it was a theme for quite a while. Its possible the ex wifes shark lawyer still got it or something, as a recurring joke…

But at the start he was broke due to alimony and he stopped paying it, he should be at least more fluid financially, the second wife didn’t seem to be getting paid it (its never been referred to).

I think they just kept him poor for a joke, which is a bit weak I suppose…