Questions Only thread

I’m not cowed in the least, but isn’t that pretty much the same pun as Spoons’s in post 1656?

So that one didn’t get pasteurize?

Can I even express the udder pleasure that gave me?

Is it kosher to be mixing meat and dairy like this?

Hechsher, why not?

Are you milking this line of questioning for all you can?

Isn’t it a case of tit for tat?

Haven’t there been a few cheesy questions?

So there’s no pun we can’t get pasteurize?

Isn’t milk the fastest liquid, since it’s pasteurized before you see it?

How many times do we have to read that same pun?

How many times must a pun be said before you can call it a pun?

How many puns would a pun punner pun if a pun punner would pun puns? Does that make any sense, or should I reword it for you?

Which is it better to be, a punner or a punter?

What kind of punter? Did you know that there are at least two kinds, possibly three?

I can think of football and boating; what’s the third?

Doesn’t it also mean a prostitute’s john?

Hadn’t heard of that before; in what country?

It’s listed in the Collins English Dictionary, so would that imply it’s slang in the UK, or specifically in Scotland?

I know Scott, he’s a freakin’ idiot, why does he have a “land”?