Questions Only thread

For that matter, why does Po have a land?

Did you know that betting on sports events (especially horse racing) is sometimes known as “punting,” and those who do it are known as “punters”? And could you guess that the term is rarely used in North America, but is commonly used in places like the UK and Australia?

Po’s got a land because he’s the king of the Teletubies, haven’t you seen that show?

And who’s Ing? And why does he spell his name “Eng?”

Wasn’t Eng one of the original Siamese twins? And does that mean England’s adjoined to Changland?

Am I the only one to wonder if things got a little awkward for their respective wives when either Chang and Eng was feeling amorous?

Since they fathered 21 children, don’t you think they somehow got over it?

Well, sure, but how?

Do you really want to know?

Does Rule 34 imply that that there’s a detailed answer out there somewhere?

When you say “how?”, do you mean physically or psychologically?

Does it matter?

It’s all a matter of opinion, innit?

Do those opinions matter?

Do they even have to?

Do they ever have to?

What’s that thing that opinions are like?

Is it “other opinions?”

Doesn’t everyone have one (or more), especially here?

Are there no other message boards where people post opinions?

But those opinions aren’t OURS, are they?