Questions Only thread

Opinions there? Or opinions here?

Wasn’t my question clear?

Well, if Spoons thought he had to ask, isn’t the answer obvious?

One never knows around here… do one?

Need a little grammatical help there, do ya, Sparky?

When did Sparky start posting?

I’m guessing EH isn’t a Fats Waller fan, right?

“One Never Knows, Do One?”

As for “punter,” don’t you know it’s widely used in Thailand for “prostitute’s john”? Could that be from all the Brits there?

Isn’t this thread educational?

Are you trying to kill interest in it?

Yeah, can’t it just be fun?

Can’t it be both educational and fun?

If you don’t ask questions, how will you ever learn anything?

You seem to ask a lot of questions – have you learned anything?

Have any of us, really, when you stop and think about it?

How can you learn anything, when nobody answers these questions?

So only people in the “Answers Only” know anything?

Aren’t those just random answers? Shouldn’t they be answering the questions here?

I wonder, if you match them up, how many of them actually do?

A few hundred, maybe?