Questions Only thread

Should we start numbering the occasional question here, and numbering the answers over there?

Wouldn’t that confuse those who post here, but not there, and vice versa?

Couldn’t we explain what we’re doing so that everyone understood? Or, come to think of it, would it be more fun not to?

Wouldn’t this necessitate a separate “Questions and Answers” thread? And aren’t there already enough of those?

Unless we made it an “Answers and Questions” thread, but wouldn’t that be indistinguishable from Jeopardy!?

How about “Questionable Answers”?

But aren’t all answers, by definition, questionable?

You don’t think there’s such a thing as an absolute truth? Or just that any idjit can question even those?

But does questioning an answer make it any less true?

Did you, by any chance, graduate with a degree in classical philosophy from the University of Woolamaloo?

Is your name not Bruce?

If it weren’t, might’n’t that cause confusion?

Is there no rule six?

Didn’t that get misfiled upside down as rule nine?

Don’t you have to drill down for that? Isn’t it actually Rule IX (A) (iii) (b)?

Would you say it’s hot enough in here to boil a monkey’s bum?

Where did that come from?

Isn’t that a strange expression, Bruce?

Are you not a Monty Python fan, then, Spoons?

Don’t you think ball pythons are more interesting?

Or even ball lightning?