Questions Only thread

What about baseball lighting?

Have any of you ever sung about Greased Lightning?

Would you believe that not only did I sing that song, but I was one of the dancers?

Are you Don Adams from Get Smart?

Was he the head of the Adams crime syndicate?

And did he miss it by this much? :pinching_hand:

Didn’t I ask you not to tell me that?

I don’t know – did you?

Should we call down the Cone of Silence?

But won’t that mean we can’t hear each other?

Sorry? Come again?

Can you read lips?

Who am I, HAL 9000?

Would you open the bay doors?

Can you read my expression from my remorselessly-glowing single red eye?

Don’t you know I’m colourblind?

Are you really?

Is there a way to tell if someone’s faking colorblindness?

Wouldn’t the faker have to be fairly knowledgeable in various types of colorblindness?

Is there a way to test that?