Questions Only thread

Yes, but if the faker knows them, couldn’t he or she just fake the test results?

What if you combined a color test with a lie detector test?

Should I wheel in this photoplethysmograph, too?

Does yours have wheels?

How else would he wheel it in?

I suppose I could get a wheelbarrow, couldn’t I?

Where would you get one?

Don’t they sell them at wheelbarrow stores?

Didn’t Wheelbarrows R Us close?

Couldn’t you buy one from Molly Malone?

If I did, wouldn’t it stink of seafood?

Who’s up for a shopping trip down to the Wheelbarrow District?

The wheelbarrow district? Who wouldn’t be?

Anyone else?

Is that near the Stone-Hoe District?

Isn’t that the Red-Light District?

It’s nowhere near the Hammock District, is it?

If it’s the Banana-Hammock District, wouldn’t that overlap the Stone-Hoe District?

Those are distinct districts, aren’t they?

But are they districts of distinction?