Questions Only thread

Who knew there were so many districts?

And who knew how many of them are distinct?

Does that make you distraught?

And were you even traught in the first place?

Is that better than being tinct?

Is it possible for somebody who used to be tinct to say anything to us about how good it was?

Maybe they’re just too combobulated, couth and gruntled to talk?

Or could they be too cussed, torted and tended?

Or perhaps even chalant, consolate and descript?

Could they be eating some pareils while playing, stop, in an et?

What’s an “et”?

Couldn’t you have Googled it?

Is there anything that Google cannot help with?

Can it darn socks?

Have you ever darned a sock?

Darn your socks to heck, and how would Googling “et” have led me to “nonet”?

Has anyone ever darned a sock, in the last hundred years or so?

Would you like me to ask around?

In the context of the rest of my “non” question, was it really that hard?

Would you believe, my mom darned my socks when I was a kid? And would you believe that was (barely) in the last 100 years?

What are you expecting a round of applause or something?