Questions Only thread

Dressed, undressed, she’s great either way, isn’t she?

Isn’t that quite the change of pace?

Say it louder, would you?

Should I type more loudly?

You’ve been typing?

How else do you think I’ve been posting replies?

How many assumptions can be made about our posting?

That we each have at least one finger, a prehensile tail or… something even more interesting?

Such as?

Why not just use your imagination?

Who else’s imagination could you use?

Doesn’t one make use of someone else’s imagination every time they witness art that someone else has created, such as a movie, tv show or a play?

Well, sure, why not?

But don’t you need to use your own imagination when experiencing someone else’s art?

Well, sure, why not that, too?

Is there anything you won’t agree to?

Yeah, whatever happened to decisiveness?

How much time do I have to answer that?

What if I said ‘your time’s already up’?

Anybody have a Time-Turner I could borrow?