Quick Kato! To the Jewelers!

This weekend, the Little Woman and I did something we’ve only talked about. We went to the jewelers and ordered replacement wedding rings. This has been in the works for at least three years. I say “in the works” because that’s about how long I remember someone saying things like “we should go to the jewelry store and get new rings…”. Then I’d say something like “OK”. We’re a team that way.

Well, finally we got around to actually doing something about it. We up and went to the jewelers. After we dropped the boys off at Mom’s of course. And it’s a nice jewelers too. It’s been “family owned” for four generations. And they’ve been in the same place since it was swank. A real, live traditional jewelers. With real live artisans and craftspeople right on the premises. And my mom goes there, so you really can’t get a higher recommendation that that.

We strolled in and… waited a while. They only have so many relatives to wait on people and there were already two little old ladies getting helped. So we waited our turn and browsed a little. Very little. The showroom is the size of a largish living room. Since it is a largish living room since the jewelers is in a house. It’s kind of an old house, so it was probably really a “parlor”. And then it was our turn.

It was the actual owner’s actual wife who helped us out. First, and most importantly, the Little Woman got squared away. That took a while. There wasn’t all that many rings in the little ring boxes to gaze upon, but a good variety so we knew what was what. But the catalogs! There must have been a bizzilion of them (roughly). But after much browsing she found something she liked. Only it didn’t have a place to put the sparkly stone. Not to worry! We’re in a jewelers, not a dinky jewelry store. It’s not like we have a choice of this ring and… this other ring. No, no, no! We had the choice of any ring they can get their hands on, plus any mounting we could possibly want, plus plus any stone that fits in the mounting we were to possibly pick.

You might have already known that’s the way they do things in a grown-up type jewelers, but me? I still smell of the turnips that were being carried on the truck I just fell off of. Not really big on the jewelry sophistication, me. But I am now, bub. Let me tell you!

The Little Woman picked out a nice ring. It has stuff carved into the gold. Actually it was cast into the gold. (I knew this going in, rings are “cast”. That was the extent of my jewelry knowledge.) Then she picked out a nice little gold cup that will eventually hold the stone she picked out. That’s called a “bezel”, the little gold cup thing. Did you know about these? Not me, man. I knew they had rings with prongs to hold the stone, but the cups (bezels)? That was a new one on me. I said as much around the toothpick I had clamped in my teeth. They also have fancy prongs to hold the stone that criss-cross each other on the way up from the ring. This is called the “trellis” prong ring stone holder. It’s pretty. But it’s not the way we went. Remember? Bezel? Only it wasn’t a bezel. It was a bezel with pieces missing so more light can get at the stone and make it sparkle more. A half-bezel.

Now it’s time for the fun part. Finding a diamond to finish the whole thing off! So the jewelry lady brings out this box of diamonds. Just “Tra-la-la! Here’s a box of diamonds!” like they bring you out shoes at the shoe store. I told the Little Woman she should get a really yellow diamond to remind her of the corn she grew up surrounded by when she was growing up in Indiana. She told me something too. Then she started looking at the white ones. Jewelry Lady said something about letters and something else about numbers and she clamped the diamond in a tweezers and gave me a loupe (I knew what one of those was already too) so I could look at the diamond real close. And then we had all the parts for the ring ready to go. (Two parts are on order, but the diamond is right there ready to go.) The diamond is roughly the same size as her “old” one which we got when we didn’t have any money (but now we’re just rolling in the dough) so it’s not all that extravagant.

Then it was my turn to look for a ring. The Little Woman looked through all those catalogs and then the diamonds and it took roughly three days. Me, I peruse the rings in the case and point at the one that’s roughly like the one I have right now. Only it’s a little bigger. And a little thicker. And much better quality. (My current ring I got from Target when my original ring got all smashed up and oval. We were really talking about getting All New Rings then so I didn’t want to drop a bunch of cash into this one and then just replace it. That was a year and some change ago.) But I didn’t want it to be all shiny. I know I don’t take really good care of my hand-jewelry so I didn’t want it all shiny to show the inevitable dings. But Jewelry Lady knew her stuff. There were a bunch of different “finishes” I could get that would hide scratches and stuff. She said the “Florentine” would hide the most scratches, so I went with that. Elapsed time: seven minutes.

So we’re getting new wedding rings. They’ll be ready in two weeks. In plenty of time for our 15th anniversary on New Year’s Eve Eve.

It is absolutely imperative that Angel Pants the First does not read this thread.

Can you tell me which jeweler’s it is? I live in Dayton and have been thinking about buying something nice for Mr. E.

Replacement wedding rings? What happened to the originals?

When we got married we actually had two sets of wedding rings. One set we had gotten from a jewelry dealer at an SF con, shaped like Chinese-style dragon clutching an oval piece of jade. The other was a simple band we picked up at (IIRC) Service Merchandise. Actually, she picked the bands up; we just wanted to have something to wear for times when the dragon rings might not be appropriate.

For some reason we both stopped wearing our rings after a few years - I cannot for the life of me remember why. AFAIK they were in a jewelry box somewhere in a dresser, and I hadn’t seen them in years. Then late last year I was going through a box (and tossing out most of the accumulated junk therein) and found one of the dragon rings. I have no idea how it got there, but I took it as a sign and put it on. Since then I don’t think it’s been off my finger more than five or six times. I still haven’t found its mate or the other two rings.

True story that happened yesterday.

After the church service was over, for once I wasn’t in a rush to get out so I could have my Sunday breakfast. I sort of hung around and talked with several random members of the congregation. One that I really wanted to talk to is a lady who is obviously undergoing chemo. I’m quite sympathetic to a chemo patient’s plight because both of my parents had it, and lost. I had the burning desire to tell her that when Mom lost her hair the first time, I got her a rainbow clown’s wig as a gag.

Chemo Lady came in with another lady who was vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t figure out why.

The pastor was giving a tour of the new addition, under construction. I followed part of the tour, but grew bored, and decided now was the time to talk to Chemo Lady (my assignment for next week’s MMP is to learn CL’s name). As I was walking back in, the companion walked up to me and started talking.

“Hi, Bob. I haven’t seen you around the pool.”

:confused: “Well, I’ve been riding my bike to work. It’s a 9 mile round trip, and I manage to do it 3 times a week or more. That will end soon because it will be too dark this fall, and I’ll probably start swimming again.”

As I was rambling, it dawned on me that this was Debbie the lifeguard at the YMCA. I haven’t been swimming since February, so I didn’t make any connection. When we were done, I went over to talk to Chemo Lady, and told her the story.

“Debbie is the assistant pastor’s wife.”

My jaw dropped because of the coincidence. I fired right back to CL, “It’s not every day that I can say that I didn’t recognize the pastor’s wife because she had her clothes on.”

:eek: :smiley:

In response to the OP, a few years ago we took a vacation in Pigeon Forge, TN. One of the places we went to designed to separate you from your cash is a place where you buy bags of dirt with embedded raw gemstones, and you get to wash away the clay. My bag had a humuguous synthetic ruby, which was big enough to cut into 2 stones.

One of these days, they will be mounted into matching his’n’hers rings. VunderWife and I both have rubies as birthstones…

Replacement rings…

I lost my original wedding set some years ago. Hubby bought me a new set, I found the old set and thus had two sets. One day I ventured into the bathroom ( sometimes I go in there ) and saw a bunch of earrings on the floor. I began to pick them up- and saw my jewelery box had been knocked over. After I was done picking up everything in sight, I went off to look for the guilty party(ies). My daughters had been playing dress up and wanted to look pretty. A few weeks later it occured to me that I did not see my wedding set. I went and looked and sure enough it was gone. I have the replacement set still.

Speaking of losing things… wait, I didn’t really lose it but anyway… I got my hair cut over the weekend. I didn’t realize how heavy my hair had gotten until I got out of the shower last night. My head felt light!

Cool - new rings! I am still trying to get a honeymoon. Maybe for our 15th I’ll get a honeymoon. (We celebrate number 8 in September)

This week I joined the rank of the tattooed. I’ve been talking about that since Rue got wedded way back when. It was time to put up or shut up and so off to the tattoo parlor I went.

Much like Rue’s little woman - I spent a fair bit of time looking through catalogs and pondering my options. Finally I told the heavily pierced man behind the counter that I had made my selection. They took my money and took me into a little room where I spent half an hour getting poked by a tiny needle.

If anyone is interested the results are here.

MissTee’s back! We missed you…

[does the happy dance]

It’s nice to be missed.
It’s even nice to be back!! :slight_smile:

ERRR, that didn’t come out right.

Let me try again.
It’s even niceR to be back!

I have beautiful wedding rings that Mr. Anachi bought when we got married 14 years ago. They are very shiny causa all the diamonds on em. I don’t think I’ll be replacing them…ever. I did manage to scratch Mr. Anachi’s Cherokee with one a those diamonds on Friday while I was toting 250 five-lb Travertine tiles from the crates in the driveway into the diningroom. I figure I lifted about 2,000 pounds o stone on Friday. :stuck_out_tongue: Mr. Anachi took the afternoon off to finish sawin’ up the leftovers from Charley in the backyard an then he got the pineapple fountain back in place and up and running. Looks all nice and cozy out there now…just in time for Francis to loom on the horizon. :rolleyes:

Welcome back, mistee

We got my wedding ring and Mr. Lissar’s wedding ring cheap at an antique show/junk show thing. I think his was fifty and mine was seventy. His is a plain, narrow band, and mine is white gold with diamond chips. It’s very pretty.

My engagement ring (does Angel Pants want to read this, Ex?) is white gold in a filigree setting. Hard to describe, but I’ve had women grab my hand and say, “That’s amazing! I want one just like that! Where did you get it?”. Then I tell them it’s an antique probably from the Thirties or Forties, and they get all sad.

I wish I had a picture of my rings online.

Wow, weird. Mr. S and I have also been talking about getting replacement rings at some point, and our 15th will be next summer. Our wedding was a quickie and very small, and we’ve always wanted to do up a big party to include the people we had to “snub” and all the new friends we’ve made since then. The rings we picked out were pretty simple and nondescript, and we’d like to get nicer ones the next time around – maybe matching bands with some sort of pattern on them.

Looks cool, I’m a big fan of womens tattoos.
I have to ask. Is that an arm or a calf?? :::ducks from swing:::

BTW, I lost my Wedding band over the weekend. I take it off during work, cause I work with electricity being an electrician and all, and I sometimes forget where I hide it so I won’t loose it. I ended up finding it in the Kids room. It must have fallen out of my pants pocket on the way to the laundry, then one of the little ones picked it up, played with it for a little while, then got bored and just dropped it in the middle of their bedroom floor. At least they didn’t put it in the ‘bottomless’ toy box, where my pager ended up one time.

No need to duck - that’s a calf there in the picture. It is difficult to guage from the photo. I still can’t believe I did it. I have tattoo glow :slight_smile: Trying to decide where to put number 2.

The tattoo is real purty 'nookie. I’m glad misstee is back. She decided to stay an extra week in Aruba. :smiley: I got nuttin’ to say about the OP other than I hate, detest, despise and don’t like rings cause I don’t like jewelry on my fingers. It bothers me. Oh, and I’m real grumpy. Been grumpy for going on five days now. I was so grumpy I didn’t go to a dope fest yesterday cause I’m just too grumpy to be in public, even though I am at work.

My Father in Law has had to get a replacement ring three times now. He keeps losing them in cow uteruses. He’ll be preg checking a herd and then all of a sudden realize “Heh, where’d my ring go?” It’s okay though because he’s a large animal vet and was suppossed to be checking them. It’s not like he was just driving by a bunch of cows and got curious.

How is it possible that, so far, with liberal access to three ‘potties’ that there has never been a single incident of any toy, clothing, pet, etc. being placed in the toilet by any of the children? There should have been by now, no? Their ages? Four, Three, and Two. Are my children abnormal?, mentally deficient?, uncreative? What’s the deal, I’m starting to get worried.
When I lost my wedding ring briefly over the weekend and I was concerned that it might have ended up in the plumbing system somehow (the least desirable method of choice being via the GI tract).
What gives?

I’m planning buy a temporary replacement wedding band today. My original started irritating my finger, so I stopped wearing it altogether about a year ago.
leenmi’s and my 10th wedding anniversary is coming up in November, and I was thinking he might get me a permanent replacement ring, but now I’m starting to think shopping for one together might be the way to go.