quick Spider-Man Movie questions related to the SD website

At the beginning, when Pete and MJ are at Columbia U…

MJ has some papers in her hand when she’s posing in front of the spider case…

I could have sworn that I saw The Straight Dope logo printed on one of those pages…

So, was it an SD print-out or not?
Did anyone else notice the same thing?

IMHO, It’s pretty darn hard to mistake the SD website logo.

I hear there’s a reference to “teeming millions” in the movie…?

I’ve seen it twice and the second time I took a closer look at the papers and didn’t notice anything. I wasn’t staring super hard, just looking for anything that I might have missed in the first viewing. I’m going again on Weds so I’ll take a closer look. Sob I am such a geek!

Is this just the text logo, or the Cecil-with-a-paper-bag-slapping-Ignorance logo? I’m going to have to keep an eye out for that!

Not “teeming millions,” but “teeming masses.” I don’t think it was a SDMB reference. If there was an SDMB logo, I missed it.

Yes, there is a reference to the teeming masses.

It’s the text logo. Ya know, the blue box with the big yellow letters… :smiley: it sure LOOKED like that… it goes very fast though, so watch carefully.