Quick XP question

My PC suddenly started asking me for my profile password if the desktop is idle for, say, 5 minutes. Having never felt the need to turn this feature on, I find that I cannot recall how to turn it off. (I do believe I’ve seen the checkbox for it somewhere, ha ha, like that helps.)

Anyway, it’s driving me crazy, especially since it seems to routinely reject the password until the third try. (Which incidentally makes me hella suspicious.) How does one turn it off?


Close or minimize all windows. Right-click on the Desktop and choose Properties. Choose the tab called “Screen Saver”. Select the desired screen saver (or “(None)” if you never want the screen to go blank). The part about the password is “On resume, display Welcome screen”, which you’ll want to turn off. Press OK to confirm everything.

I’d be suspicious, too. Did you check the sticky for malware at the top of the GQ forum?