Quoting - another one for the UBB techs

I’ve noticed a problem I’m not sure how to address. When I want to quote someone else’s reply, I can hit the reply to message button, and it will automatically fill the edit box with the post in question.

However, if that message has a quote in it, then the auto-quote only selects the text that follows the last quote to post in the message box, and omits any previous comments.

Example, if I were to post some witty commentary, and then Notthemoma replied, quoting my statements and offering a lame rebuttal to each one. Then I hit reply to his message. It would fill the edit button with only his last lame argument, and ignore the comments on my earlier statements and the quoted material from me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that clear?

(No offense to Notthemama intended.)

Oh yeah? Well, I am deeply offended; I expect to see your apology posted in the “Apologies” thread toot sweet, buddy.
But, yeah, I know what you mean (not sure if the UBB techs do). You can’t have a quote within a quote; when you do click on a “Reply with Quote” that has a quote in it, it messes up the bolding every time, too, unless you sit there and really stare at it for a while. So that’s what you get for $150 software.

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I generally just copy and paste all of the comments into a note-pad. Then I redo them back into the reply field. Add the quote marks around them. It’s not great but it works.

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Notthemama - just think of that as a gratuitous non-solicited reference to make you feel … um, better? :wink:

Old scratch, I use copy/paste frequently. Especially if I’m just taking part of a post, or sequentially responding to multiple posts (like I frequently do). However, the reply w/quote button is a feature, and I occasionally use it, especially as a starting point or when the person has a long message I want to dissect. I still have to do much reformatting to make it fit properly. And I frequently cut a bunch in that process.

I don’t mind the added bold - I can take or leave it okay. What gets me, though, is the glitch when the post already contains a quote and then you try to quote it, it only takes part of the message. Makes the short cut not work properly. I’m just pointing this out some the mods/techs will be aware, and perhaps they can do something. Or perhaps not.

The work around is to be aware and use copy/paste. No biggee.

like this?

Hey! it dissapeared! how weird :confused: