Radio Personality's Wife Dies In Accident

For those familiar with the Don and Mike radio show that’s syndicated nationwide, some tragic and terrible news was announced yesterday. Freda Wright-Sorce, wife of Don Geronimo (Mike Sorce) was killed in a head-on car crash on Sunday night.

This news is devastating for fans of the show, who know Freda as a regular call-in contributor to the show and offered fun banter with her husband. Despite this banter and occasional on-air squabble, she and Don were quite obviously soul mates and the thought of this kind of loss hits close to home. She was also extremely active in local charities and fundraisers. I’ve been a listener to the boys since I was 10 years old and they were doing the “morning zoo” on WAVA in DC, and it’s almost like I’ve lost an extended family member. I feel incredible sadness for her son and husband, I can’t imagine the magnitude of pain they must be going through.

Link to the news story:Freda Wright-Sorce Dies in Car Accident

Freda, rest in peace.

Wow that is really terrible.

They haven’t been on the air here in several years but I used to listen to that show every afternoon and sometimes I look back on just how funny that show could be.

Did they ever establish a website?

Yes, they did. It’s currently on hiatus since they’ve been on vacation for 2 weeks and possibly because of this tragedy, but you can check here regulary for show recaps and updates on the crew:

Don and Mike website

Just doing some research of my own & I find that they are coming back on the Tampa Bay airwaves in just under a week or so … talk about your good news/bad news.

Holy cow! I also used to listen to the show when it was on in my area. That’s just really sad. :frowning:

I listen to them every day on the “drive home”.

They also stream on the internet, but I don’t know anything more than that about it.

Pretty somber show yesterday. Don wasn’t there, of course, but all the rest were. They don’t have the widespread recognition of Stern or even Imus or Limbaugh, but it’s a good radio show.

Misogynistic and juvenile a lot of times, but often funny, too. They’re good with callers.

Wow. How very sad.

I was more often annoyed by the show than not, so I wasn’t a regular listener. But I always thought the back and forth he had with his wife was very funny and I thought she was very cool to put up with his brand of insanity.

The world’s suddenly just a little sadder with this news.

I remember Freda Wright when she was an on-air personality herself, for WASH. And I remember listening to D&M when they were doing the morning zoo on WAVA, with little four-year-old Bart’s voice: “Hey, [general manager’s name], don’t be so tight. Give my daddy more money.”

Now Bart’s a sophmore at Clemson, and he’s lost his mom. Absolutely tragic.

It also got a bit nasty on Opie and Anthony’s message board. Someone there started a thread about Freda’s death. The mod’s there disappeared the thread and kept a close eye on one that started later sympathizing with Don.

(disclaimer) It was my first time on O & A’s website, I got linked there by a DC area radio and TV website that was having people post about the news of Freda’s death and sending sympathy to Don and Bart.

Trunk, where do they stream? I’d love to catch an airing of those guys.

I used to listen once in a while and my favorite part of the show was his stories about his wife. Very sad stuff!

Hug somebody you love.


A few weeks ago, they announced it. Either go through their website or infinity broadcasting or something like that.

Their web site seems to be on hiatus right now.

Oh…it is from Pretty good show today.