Raleigh Dopers...Satan, aenea, others - No wild night out

Sorry guys, my buddy had to cancel the gig at the Berkeley at the last minute. His drummer got himself in a paper bag, and like all drummers, he’ll be weeks getting out :slight_smile:

Actually, they had an unavoidable, last minute conflict. Hopefully, they’ll reschedule, and I’ll post again with the date, or other area gigs.

My humble apologies that you won’t get the treat of seeing me dance. I was looking forward to meeting y’all

Shaky Jake

Damn! I was so looking forward to you paying me to go! :wink:

Oh well… Next time!

Yer pal,

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Just in case any area dopers who were planning on going missed it.

Oh well, off to the beach instead

Shaky Jake