Random fireworks

My neighborhood is hispanic/latino by a huge majority and it’s not uncommon to hear the occasional consumer-grade fireworks, but lately, say the past 2-3 weeks, it’s been every night, and even sometimes during the day. Yesterday there was a large parade of cars going through the 'hood but I’m certain that was HS graduation related.

Apparently, it’s a thing in cities around the country: https://www.vox.com/the-goods/2020/6/22/21298912/firework-complaints-northeastern-cities

Have you been seeing/hearing random fireworks in your area? Is it protest related? Graduation? Just getting close to July 4th? What do think it’s about?

People are bored and fireworks are really cheap right now, including consumer grade stuff that you normally only see in fireworks shows (most of which have been cancelled this summer).