Random people you currently have a fleeting crush on.

The English girl in the Windows 7 commercial. She looks so professional, yet her accent is really cockney. Dunno why, but I have a serious crush on her. Should be gone next week.


You probably don’t know any of them.

Kelly Stables. http://www.kellystables.com/

Mike Holmes from Holmes on Homes. Or my bf dressed like Mike Holmes - even better.

tdn - I’m assuming my name isn’t on your list because your crush on me isn’t fleeting??

That’s what I love about you. You totally get me.

That’s what I’m assuming too. :smiley:

I didn’t want to waste electrons by – once again – stating what I assume the entire world knows by now.

The real question is: Whan are you coming over? I’m free tonight, but I’ve got plans the next two nights.

Alison Sweeney, host of The Biggest Loser. She’s totally not my type- I tend to go for petite brunettes- but something about her speaks to certain parts of me.

The Man from the Old Spice commercial. Seriously, I could watch that commercial every day. In fact, I’ve watched it online a few times just for fun. I am devastated that they stopped showing his commercials during Lost. Devastated!!

If you mean Crystal, she isn’t cockney. Standard middle class, probably private school, with a tiny touch of an estuarine glottal stop - though the words “task bar” have elongated vowels which hint at the west country.

If it’s some other chick, linky?

Jill Wagner of Wipeout and the Mercury commercials. What a sweetheart.

I honestly can’t tell you at the moment… :stuck_out_tongue:

tdn - you always make me smile.

I have 2 other crushes:

Ahmed Hassan from Yard Crashers.

Scott McGillivray of Income Property.

Why yes, I do have an HGTV fetish. Why do you ask?

Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs. And the cute security guard in my building - Joe. Of course, being as Joe technically works for me, our love is forbidden…

No, that’s her swoon. And I was looking for that YouTube vid last night, but couldn’t find it. Thanks!

Whitney, who is short, blonde, demure, and built like a swimmer, with broad shoulders and an hourglass figure. She’s also 23 years younger than I am, so the attraction’s strictly sexual (and theoretical).

I fall in love with Sean Bean everytime I see a Sharpe movie. Sharpe’s Peril was on PBS a couple weeks ago. Boromir didn’t do much for me, so it must be the character or the uniform.

Side-conversation: in all of these commercials, don’t they use completely different actors for the “epiphany” part? It’s just a weird, confusing thing to stick in the middle there.

I thought it was hysterical that their “internal” person is always so much more attractive. Don’t we all do that?

The flight attendant on the morning run from Cedar City to Salt Lake City last September. I think her name was Jenna.