Random things to remember

Mental notes to myself:

Remember to clip the cat’s nails before giving her a bath.

Remember when bending over fast to flip your hair over, it’s necessary to stand back from a wall.

Remember that freshly lotioned feet and bare wood floors do not work well together.

Remember when changing clothes, if you take your shirt off, pick up your clean shirt - not your clean pants. Of course, the reverse is also a good reminder.

Remember to use a potholder when pushing the oven rack back.

Remember when you tell someone to not repeat something, it’s an alarm for that person to tell everyone.

Some days I fail.

Remember not to party so hard on the weekend that you become ill on Monday and have to cancel a class, thus embarrassing myself and my entire staff.

Remember to do laundry before you entirely run out of clean clothes.

Remember to change Japan’s cultural perceptions on the inappropriateness of AC in the home. This one might be a little tough.