Rant Medley

Fuck you, mother nature for making me feel like an asshole perv. Okay so I stop by the convienence store. I walk into the store and start to head toward the back to grab a pop. I see a hot girl facing away from me. She is about 5’3 has gorgeous black hair, and a very nice body, and is dressed in a short balck skirt. I catch my own reflection in the windows, yep still fat and ugly, oh well, no harm in positioning myself to throw a friendly smile. She starts to turn around, hehe who is that pissed off guy looking at me, must be the boyfriend, not a surprise. She finishes the turn around, and…ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. She’s like twelve years old! That’s not her boyfriend, that’s her father!, no wonder he looks like he wants to kick my ass, I want to kick my own ass. :frowning:

Fuck you Microsoft for writting shitty software. If you cant figure out how to write something, than don’t document it as being available. Don’t say that it can be done by following some assinine procedure, then let someone spend days trying to figure out why it isn’t working. “oh it isn’t working because we suck ass and made a shitload of security holes with it, and decided it was easier to disable it without telling anyone, than to fix it” Thanks guys, I really wanted to rewrite all this code with ugly, cheesy shortcuts to work through the network problems that you said would be easy with 2000.

Fuck you beer distributer for decideing that since you were short-handed , that you wouldn’t bother coming to the beer shop in my poor-ass neighborhood for the month, instead double scheduleing the yuppie liquor stores. I’m sure Ricardo doesn’t mind that he will be paying rent for a month with only crap to sell.

Fuck you idiot local kids. Why the hell do you keep hitting my car with the damn football? My car is 25 feet from the road you are playing on. You must be throwing the damn ball at least 40 degrees off target. You suck, give up football and take up chess or something where muscular control is irrelavant, because as I mentioned, you must suck.

Fuck you suicidal stroller pushers. Every day morning and night I drive up Federal Avenue. It is a major bus route. Lots of people see the bus, and decide that they must run across 4+ lanes of heavy traffic, to catch it in time. This is bad enough, as me and everybody else slams on the breaks to avoid killing anybody. But what the hell is with people with strollers deciding to sprint across. It’s a fucking baby! if your gonna kill yourself jumping in front of a mack truck then the gene pool is better without you, but don’t jump in front of fast traffic with a baby, I’m 27 and damn near have a heart attack as I am forced to slalom around the kid you are trying to kill. Unless your stroller was refitted by shelby, your stroller isn’t going to take a curb jump well, as the 2 babies I have seen to flying into the street will testify to. But a summa fuck you to the woman today who upon realizing that she was in danger, decide to jump back onto the sidewalk, abandoning the stroller to drift across the street(the most fucking surreal thing I have ever seen, as cars screeced to a halt to avoid the stroller.(nobody crashed, and the stroller bounced into the oposite curb, as a grandmotherly person ran over to catch it it, and started yelling at the bitch who abandoned it).