REALLY stupid argument. . . .

Okay, last week, a friend and I were watching a rerun of “The Critic” on Comedy Central (anyone remember that show? that’s not the question, though). Anyway, it was the episode where Jay’s little sister is forced into being a debutante (sp?) and the dressmaker asks her, “Can you wear virginal white? Or should you wear grey” The sister responds “Give me white. . . except the gloves.”
What does that imply? My friend and I both have conflicting opinions on this, and everyone I ask agrees with him. So can I hear what you have to say?

Actually, I think it was “will you be wearing virginal white, or this slightly off white we refer to as ‘hussy white’”, and she responds the way you described. Two words: Hand job.

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I agree…Hand job… :slight_smile:

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off-white gloves = hand job, as a huge critic fan I have seen this episode, and that was what I assumed…

Jason R Remy

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Perhaps she was referring to masturbating herself? A hand-job sounds like my next best guess.

My first thought was masturbating, too. It’s a good joke either way. :slight_smile:

Can you imagine the confusion if she had said “except for the shoes”?

Okay, from all your opinions, I see I’m in the minority. . . I thought hand-job, too, at first, but based on her character, I really don’t think she’d do that.

No, Miss Tangerine, don’t back down so fast. You were right. The rule about white wedding dresses is all about virginity, i.e., whether you’ve had sex with someone. Masturbation has nothing to do with it. So the joke was that she hasn’t had sex, per se, but she has given handjobs, so “does that count?”
Factor in the fact that a handjob is an alternative for some folks who want to preserve virginity, or just not go all the way with that particular person, and it all points very clearly to a handjob as the point of the joke.
– Greg, Atlanta (now feeling a bit silly for deconstructing a handjob joke)