Really? THAT'S What You Called The Fish?

Who the hell thought this was a good idea?

wrasse ass bass

Not kidding.

I thought it was a fantastic idea when I named them, actually.

Why not name it a Crass Wrasse Ass Bass though?

This sounds like a mass of frass.

BTW, I hate it when my whole dinner is scrod.

I thought of that, but my little cousin couldn’t say the “Cr” sound, and since I was going to let her make the announcement, it just seemed mean.

Wrasse, ass or bass, nobody rides for free.

If it’s not big enough, you could send your wrasse ass bass to mass class, as long as it doesn’t sass.

Man, you sass that hoopy Wrasse Basse? There’s a frood with mass class.

As long as it doesn’t sing “Take Me To The River”, I don’t care what it’s called.

I’ll see your wrasse ass bass and raise you one slippery dick.