Recommend a book/site of wedding vows

So, DanielWithrow and I are getting married in May. Hurray! We’re currently trying to work up a ceremony that takes into account my dad’s Protestantism, his dad’s Buddhism, Daniel’s atheism, and my utter wishy-washiness about religion. We’ve talked to a couple of officiants who have given us sample ceremonies, but they’re a bit New Age-y for our tastes. Can anyone recommend a good book or website of wedding vows/ceremony ideas? I’d prefer something that’s not overtly church-y or very flowery (“one soul in two bodies” kind of junk). I really like the traditional “in sickness and in health” vows, but I’d like to find a secular version of them.

Any thoughts?

Congrats! Check out They have a ton of different vows, invitation wordings, etc. Some of it is really sappy, but a lot of it is good. Have fun!

I used With These Words…I Thee Wed as a basis for our vows. As I no longer need it, I would be happy to send you my copy if you like. Email is in the profile.