Recommend me a Bluetooth Headset

I’m in the market for a bluetooth earpiece to use with my cellphone, and I’ld like to hear about good ones you’ve used. I’d prefer one that doesn’t look totally dorky, but I mostly plan to be using it at home, anyway (so I can talk to people while doing something with my hands).

Weight, cost, ease of use, and charge time are all factors. And I wear glasses, so it would have to fit over/around them in a way that was comfortable.

I use this one with my computer: it’s nice and light, plus it can be worn on either ear. It hasn’t been uncomfortable to wear with my glasses, but then my glasses have thin ear pieces. In addition, it has a nice little carrying case that can clip onto your belt, and in theory you could wear it while it was charging. (I haven’t tried this.)

The downsides are that since the mic is a bit far from my mouth I have to speak a bit louder than I usually do in order for it to pick up my voice properly, and the charging time is a bit long: 4 hours for 4 hours of talk time.

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