Recommend me

a way not to be driven insane by the Cafe threads requesting “* recommend me * books/movies/music”.

Another in an occasional series of exceedingly weak and feeble complaints about minor irritations.

Eat thier livers with fava beans and a nice chianti.

Recommend me a torture method for these people.

Recommend that you don’t bother reading those threads and worry about bigger things.

Like that spider on your shoulder, for instance.

How’s this?
*Cafe Society lost that touch of class?

Great Debates stirring nary a ripple?

Pit threads as humdrum as a goat-felching asshat?*

Then you need to try New and Improved Stoid Today!

While not a wholly effective remedy against insanity, reading about the light and lively French Revolution is a good activity to shoehorn between bouncing off the padded walls and testing straitjackets.

Go forth and sin weak and feebly no more!

“Hi! I’m elucidator! You probably remember me from such threads as “God, how I hate that asshole!” and “December is a weenie!” Well, if you’re like me…”

Control your right index finger and don’t click. Or is it just the titles that you don’t like?

Control your right index finger and don’t click. Or is it just the titles that you don’t like?

Damn…279 seconds to connect and then get a double post.

It would be worse if the title didn’t say Recommend me 'cause then one might click on it and then one might waste time loading it and then discover it was one of those threads.

Me, I kinda like those threads but I like the what are you presently reading threads better.

But yeah, I have a vague feeling that there was something very similar to this which was driving me nuts a day or so ago but it passed.

Remember that a whole bunch of you consider each other to be friends in some way (hey Ive only been here a wet day and I can see this) and like in reality where you would ask a friends recomendation, people will do it in there too…

Stoid plays well with others, had a bood basic grasp of sharing and teamwork, does not eat the glue, and hardly ever runs around holding sissors. The bedwetting at naptime has become a thing of the past, as well.

I recommend that Stoid should move on to the next grade.

“…has a good…”, even.

Darn that board backup blackout time.

“…has a good…”, even.

Darn that board backup blackout.

…uh, yeah… darn that. Not my fault. Really.

Up to 25% better than Stoidela!

Avoid the Stoid and eat your pizza quickly?

No, wait…

It’s the grammar.

And yes, Stoid is at least 25% better, faster, smarter and more peaceful than Stoidela.

How is “recommend me a book” any different than “read me a book” or “give me a book” or “bring me a book”?

Humbly asking,