Recommendations on stand up comedy?

I’m looking for some recommendations of good stand up comedy to listen to in my car on long journeys.

I don’t mind vulgar stuff, as long as it’s funny (ie, andrew dice clay is just vulgar IMO, not really funny)

So far I’ve got
David Gunson - What Goes Up Might Come Down
(former British air traffic controller gives a funny story about being a pilot & air traffic controller)

I’ve also got a couple of stand up routines by Ben Elton, another British comedian who wrote amoung other things, Blackadder.

Anything else I might like?


Two words: Eddie Izzard.

On second thought, don’t buy/download/borrow anything by Eddie Izzard. You’ll be an accident waiting to happen, as you’ll be laughing so hard you won’t be able to concentrate on your driving.

Drew Carey’s book on tape My Dick Is So Big is pretty good too.

I must agree with ** rastahomie **. Eddie Izzard is hysterical… Though I think the enjoyment gained by listening to him is worth the slight possibility of driving off a bridge or such due to the distraction.

and here is a link where you can get some authorized samples.

It’s only a ride.

Hmmmm, maybe I should do that link thing in my sig…maybe even to that particular sample…hmmmmm

Now that I link it I notice I misquoted and lots of the sample links aren’t working. Well, at least the sig link works.

On road trips, I often listen to:

George Carlin- any of his albums, but especially Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics.

Henry Rollins- I know, he’s not a comedian, he’s a spoken word artist, but it might as well be comedy; he’s that funny.

Richard Pryor- any of his albums, period. The man was a genius.

Richard Jeni- less well known (played Jim Carrey’s sidekick in The Mask,) but his album Greatest Bits is hilarious.

Cheech & Chong- all their albums are hilarious, but only if you get the drug references.

Sam Kinison- I’m a huge fan, but if you find Dice vulgar, you’ll probably find Sam vulgar as well.

If you’re looking for comedy to listen to in a car, try to find some old Firesign Theater tapes, especially, “How Can You Be Two Places at Once if You’re Not Anywhere at All?” or “Don’t Crush that Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers.”

Also, Monty Python.

I’ll second Bill Hicks, although, you might be too busy listening to what he’s saying to drive properly.

Definately Eddie Izzard. Just hope you’ve got good bladder control.


The reason is largely because what he does is hardly ever “a routine” - it feels as if he’s saying whatever comes into his head, and he wanders around from subject to subject, and when you try to tell your friends about it afterwards, you can’t actually explain what was funny.

In other words, me too!

[sub] was this post really necessary?[/sub]

A classic will always be Eddie Murphy: Comedian. It’s Murphy at his funniest.

Rich Hall, AKA Otis Lee Crenshaw - Don’t know if he has any tapes out but there are certainly tapes of the songs from his routines.

Boothby Graffoe – British comedian, somewhat like Eddie Izzard in that the routines don’t always go anywhere or have a punchline.

Al Murray as the Pub Landlord – the funniest comedy gig I’ve ever seen, and I believe there are tapes around. The persona is of a Little Englander who believes that there’s nothing worth learning that you can’t learn at the University of Life. Sheer joy, plus he can deliver to hecklers with a penetrating couple of words the sort of blow more usually associated with a blackjack

And of course the late, great, Bill Hicks.